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Google will follow up with the orbit of the emissions of each power plant in the world


In the framework of the world competition “AI Google Impact Challenge” allocated $25 million to organizations that require the services of artificial intelligence to solve problems of planetary significance. As example, the recent grant of $1.7 million received from the Google group of companies, who want to follow the actors so-called “dirty energy”. First and foremost, is a coal-fired power plant in countries that refuse to reduce emissions.

Grantee organizations are WattTime and world resources Institute. The first develops methods for the rejection of the “dirty energy”, the second deals with the balance of resource consumption in the world. The money will go toward scaling techniques Carbon Tracker analysis center, looking for connections between the work of dirty objects and emissions. They developed and successfully applied the method of satellite monitoring for coal-fired power plants in China.

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The idea is very simple, but time consuming – with the help of satellites continuously gather the facts of the emissions for the target objects, which often close and not allow to approach. This information is then used for a wide variety of purposes, in the interests of politicians, environmentalists, economists, etc. Carbon Tracker has already managed to catch the Chinese energy company in the operation of facilities that were supposedly closed, and to prove the exceeding emission standards.

Now Union organizations wants to increase the capacity of the satellite constellation and to take under the supervision of more power plants. Ideally, everything in the world, but it is a very complex task, since the weather rarely favors the activists. In addition, it is not always possible to understand what substances and in what quantities are emitted into the atmosphere. Here and useful AI from Google, which will help to analyze satellite data to search for the truth. All will be most openly and publicly – the more intractable people become aware of the all seeing “the eye of heaven”, the more they will have incentives to change their operations, say the activists.Source — Carbon Tracker

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