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Grey parrot Rocco learned to use the Alexa and now eating a cookie in the Internet


African grey parrot named Rocco had already hit the news – the former owner taught the bird so remarkably vile verbal momentum that they shocked even experienced journalists. Hurl foul-mouthed parrot was taken to a shelter, where he could not find new owners. And now Rocco scored again independently by learning to command the voice assistant to Alexa.

The current owner Rocco, Marion Wisniewski, grateful to the developers of the Alexa for the “parental control”. The only thing that kept her from spontaneous spending, when one day the parrot turned to the gadget and, imitating the voice of Marion, ordered in the online store fruit and snacks. Watermelon, ice cream, broccoli, raisins, strawberries and in addition tea – mistress does not exclude that feathered Shopaholic said more, but the robot recognized all orders. Now she appeared paranoid, but a useful habit to read the reports Alexa per day and cancel a team from Rocco.

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Rocco с хозяйкой

That parrot acted knowingly, and not just amused, Marion, no doubt. Voice control Alexa in reality proved to be much more effective than expected by the developers. And though not a parrot person, the owner is constantly watching how he orders the robot to turn on the music. And then adds: “music of love”. Alexa and regularly executes commands, and then she and Rocco cute “converse” by exchanging phrases, which sometimes take the form of a very strange dialogue.

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Talented parrot long understood that, in the absence of people in the building this electronic device can be a good entertainment. Reports Alexa, he activates it, purposefully telling to get involved and to do something, at least 40 times a day.Source — WPXI

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