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Gunbi Chinese Painting Festival opens in Moscow on September 18

The Gunbi Chinese Painting Festival will be held in Moscow, at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, from September 18 to October 20. Viewers will be shown the works of contemporary artists from Russia and China.

Gunby painting. Photo: cultobzor.ru

The direction of “gunbi” is characterized by the finest drawing of details: “gunbi” is translated from Chinese as “diligent brush”. The style, which originated about 2000 years ago, is distinguished by splendor, decorativeness and grace. The emperor had a whole staff of artists working only in this technique, the scrolls were kept in the strictest secrecy in the emperor’s palace and in the chambers of wealthy families.

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During the festival days the Moscow audience will be shown the best works of style made by Russian and Chinese artists. The plot focuses on images of flowers, birds, animals and fish. The central place in the exposition will be occupied by the works of the outstanding Chinese master Li Xiaoming, who will personally arrive in Moscow to open the festival and hold master classes.

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Also, at the Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, festival guests are waiting for master classes by Russian artists, excursions and tea ceremonies.

In 2019, 70 years have passed since the founding of the People's Republic of China and 70 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Beijing and Moscow.

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