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Have fired the head of the interior Ministry showed apartments in Bulgaria

У уволенного начальника управления МВД обнаружились апартаменты в Болгарии

The head of the main Department of MIA in counteraction to extremism Timur Valiulin, the resignation of which was announced on the eve of media, for 11 years owned apartments on the coast in Bulgaria, which was not mentioned in his declarations of income and property.

On undeclared property Valiulina was announced by Bulgarian site for investigative journalism Bivol and “transparency international – Russia”. As of the publication, in 2006, Valiulin acquired in the Bulgarian resort town of Byala apartment area 83,69 sq. m price 57 700 EUR, and in 2011 bought a second apartment with an area of 107 square meters, which cost € 125,000. The apartment is located on the third and fourth floors of a small residential gated complex with a swimming pool in the yard.

In 2017, Valiulin sold apartments in Bulgaria natural person approximately 180 thousand euros. Property details Valiulina were found in the database of the property registry and cadastre in Bulgaria. In his declarations, he never specified this property.

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The head of the center e of the interior Ministry Timur Valiulin was the owner of apartments in Bulgaria, he was lacking in the Declaration on incomes. He was dismissed at his own request, and had to confiscate undeclared assets. RT. https://t.co/0ANPyC6YxS

— Ilya Shumanov (@veloshum) 12 December 2018.


As informs television channel “Rain”, Valiulin headed the main Department of MIA in counteraction to extremism in 2012. Prior to this, he is four years led the centre to combat extremism GU MVD in Moscow, and from 2007 to 2008 headed the Department for combating organized crime of the municipal Department of internal Affairs.

In October 2017 at a meeting of the Council on human rights under the President of Valiulin proposed to introduce responsibility for parents and teachers for the participation of minors in uncoordinated protests. In April of this year, Valiulin included in the sanctions list of the USA.

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11 December it became known about leaving Valiulina from the post. Thus, according to RBC, the reason for his dismissal was undeclared assets, and fired Valiulina with the wording for “loss of confidence”. According to the source RBC, foreign real estate Valiulina, the interior Ministry reported his ex-wife Galina Mikheeva, who works in the admissions Department of the interior in Moscow At the same time, the source of “Interfax” declared that Valiulin gone from the interior Ministry on their own.

Acting head of the Department for combating extremism will be the first Deputy head of the Central Board the General-the major of police Igor Morozov.

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