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Horsecastle as it is

Гобсечество, как оно есть

Last time we came to the conclusion that the attempt to inflict a farcical imitation of 1937 today (https://forum-msk.org/material/economic/14913256.html) will be the last convulsion of power, will continue the theme.

Rotten “force” the car of the Russian Federation is not only the society into rages, throwing in jail (memes and pictures in social networks) young girls. No, she’s still really destroying the productive economy of the Russian Federation. Working virtually hand-in-hand with the American sanctions. A fair amount of “security forces” became accomplices of the enemy and the factor of the economic crisis in the country.



The opportunity to their massacres, to break people’s lives and take property, especially in the context of criminal quasigovernment, stalling in the power structure many of the most heinous of forth. Real greedy mob. Yes, apparently the power structure reminiscent of Stalinist Russia. But not enough to build beautiful and functional scheme. There still real people (clean hands, hot heart, cool head) need to score. And the system is designed so that there are often creature with a cold heart, clean brains and hot hands. And this is splicing the power (punitive) apparatus of the Russian Federation organized crime and the actual murder of the productive forces of the unfortunate country.

Remember how in 2003 the then chief of the Ministry of internal Affairs Gryzlov declared the fight against werewolves in epaulets? With corrupt “guardians of the law”? As you know, the werewolves won. Not only do government agencies turning into werewolves. Formally, they have the legitimacy required to observe, but in fact is already a gang of robbers and extortionists. How many Colonel Zakharchenko has found a home? 8 billion ruble? The cost of a quarter engine plant or large automated complex in animal husbandry! But as the arrested General TFR Drymanov money bags was considered for the cover of thief in law Shakro Young? Why should honest to work and to do production, if you can extort?

Putin himself at a recent direct line complained, saying that completely dismissed employees of one of the structures of the FSB, fully corrupt, and recruit new. And they instantly become…

What do you want? Moloch played. Honest the system does not move. And in General – the fish rots from the head.

Already the Bolsheviks had big problems with the moral character of personnel in the KGB. But then at least there was a reserve in the face of thousands of fanatically ideological people. Such as KGB officer Nikolay Udalov. Terrible he was death: Basmachi alive threw him into the fire. But before Udilov chased by gangs of robber bands and the troops of General Bakich throughout Turkestan. He got the leather saddle General. In it, he found sewn eight large diamonds. And he gave them to the Treasury. Interestingly, while the current security forces would have done?

No high ideas of the current government is not. And then at least some structures, no make – they flood the greedy and cruel werewolves. Which have become a terrible problem for the economy. They are merging not only with criminality, but with the state-owned banks-the monopolists. And destroy the most capable entrepreneurs-producers. In the country today, any company not involving werewolves, runs the risk of being captured. And even destroyed.

How does this circuit? Tells the typical story.



There was a company “Stalinvest”. Headed by Sergey Maslennikov, a former “red engineer”. First traded steel structures. And then she began to produce them. At home, in Russia. In Domodedovo and Tula region raised modern robotic manufacturing. (I would like to stress: not bought cheaply of the old Soviet production, and built factories from scratch). He started his own design office. She was working with higher technical education. Just “Stalinvest” in the country has created nearly a thousand new jobs.

To his misfortune, the firm designed and supplied metal frame for the reconstruction of the stadium “Luzhniki”, the objects of the Baikonur cosmodrome, and much more. Here on it and had your eye on. And confidently began to destroy. How? First “Stalinvest” credited in the savings Bank. Because no credit is necessary if you want to develop. “Stalinvest” the borrower was enviable, his business was estimated at 12 billion rubles.

Step one: Gref, Sberbank of further lending refused, threatening to derail the entire development program of the company. And then came to the aid of “Russian agricultural Bank”, then – headed by Patrushev, Jr., son of the former head of the FSB. Like, you would become to lend. You and Savings calculated, and further moves. The credit Committee of “Rosselkhozbank” has approved a loan of 6 billion rubles. And the pledge went to the property only “Stalinvest”. 12 billion.

This was the first step in a trap. When the collateral for the loan require twice as much.

Step two: “Rosselkhozbank” gave “Stalinvest” not six, 4.9 billion rubles. And stopped lending, and causing the company a punch in the stomach. Working capital is not enough, clients get angry – orders break. Prepayment it is impossible to work: the builders of the money was not enough, everyone wants to buy by installments. To go to another Bank for a loan impossible all property already in pledge “Rosselhozbank”. Maslennikov-founders even had their own apartment to lay to current debts to pay. And “Rosselkhozbank” continued to stifle enterprise.

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Step three. Once Maslennikov came the cheeky go-getter liberal nationality (let’s call him Monsieur Krakowski) and said: “I Want to credit you write off? Give business to me. And will not give up – go to jail. I put the machine and the Investigative Committee and the FSB. I – connection.”

Maslennikov declined. And came to him. Now he a second year sitting in jail. The article change, such as gloves, starting with “fraud”. Who appeared with a search warrant, a pack of the TFR was taken from factories all servers, including those operated by robots on the production. In General, it’s something like visit monkey in a University laboratory.

And the “Stalinvest” hand “Rosselkhozbank” moved “Gazprombank”, and the fact – in the hands of one of the heroes of the “reform” of the electricity at Chubais. Over 1.7 billion rubles. In General, someone got a great enterprise for just one-sixth of its price. (Interestingly, while the new owner once thanked the management of “Gazprombank”?). And “Rosselkhozbank” captured “Stalinvest” in less than half the price. And not for personal money managers of Rosselkhozbank, and Bank money, “poured” into it by the government and investors.

The company was lucky: it stopped only for a while. But the new owners have “cut the Costa” (in translation from Newspeak to reduce costs). Design office – expenses, you know. And if he Maslennikov, had a salary of 400 thousand per month, the present chief of production – three times more.

Here’s the current “siloviki”, spliced with state-owned banks. Raiding is the takeover of enterprises, which blood and sweat were created by someone else. For half the price. And even for one-sixth. Moreover, in the economy, much depends on the personality of the head. If the company is run by engineers and enthusiasts, it develops, produces competitive products, robotizied, emboss with our market imports. Change them to “defective managerov” – and all the fray…



And from the speech of the lawyer Ivan Mironov on MEF-2018, and from a conversation with economist Vladislav Zhukovsky Maxim Kalashnikov knows that such a scheme “the security forces-state-owned banks” already worn in Russia as a Horde Mamayev. So, stopping approved loans (but having to pledge ALL property of the borrower) dirty dealers throw into prison the founders of the companies and receive tidbits in their hands. (So Serbank in 2011 destroyed Belgorod “Energomash”, trying to produce mobile power station, competing with himself “Siemens”).

Unfortunately, in some cases taken the enterprise got into filthy hands, die. Because instead of the entrepreneurs they begin to steer things the looters. The gate and spill out all new and new parties of the unemployed.

And sometimes the “guards” just smash enterprises, bringing criminal cases against their captains. Just kill the whole company, depriving the work of their employees. This was recently told the presidential envoy in the far East Yuri Trutnev.



Let’s just quote.

“If you analyse how things are in the far East, it is 2.5 years, there have been more than one hundred thousand inspections. And that’s not counting “- out pre-investigation activities” and of the inspections carried out in the framework of the operational-search activities.

Will give a few examples. Only for the first half of 2017, took place five checks water Park “Miracle island” in the Kamchatka region. The organizers of the checks refer to complaints of employees and visitors. The question arises – why not check once and eliminate the disadvantages? Or will be checked every week, until there is no “miracle” nor “Islands”?

Or another example, when in March last year on the ship group Dobroflot landed law enforcement. Directly stormed the ship. Only one problem – for the past 15 months so no one understood why. Still continuing the investigation, have the management of the company has any problems with the customs authorities or not.

So maybe in the beginning it was necessary to understand whether these problems and then to land troops?

Unfortunately, the situation is quite common when removing hard drives from servers, removing the documents and virtually paralyzing the work of the enterprise, regulatory bodies then in the next two to three years of hard searching the grounds, why they did it. And it may be worthwhile to do the opposite? First, to establish the fact and true crime, and then to take action against offenders without destroying the economy of the enterprise.

I want to emphasize that the result of such actions are more likely to suffer are not the leaders of the company, against whom these attacks are often used, are ordinary workers, citizens of Russia, who after a few such attacks lose their means of subsistence…” Full text – -http://dfo.gov.ru/trutnev/1569/

That is, the security forces act as a raiding Horde of Pechenegs, leaving behind ruins. Without bearing the slightest responsibility for the pogroms. And such cases – thousands. “Expert” writes about how the security forces have virtually paralyzed the economy of Sakhalin. Any leader that tries to do something to improve life, instantly becomes the object of attack and “landing”. Do not touch only obedient and passive.

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And do not you think that it is the collapse of the Russian economy? Well, the Americans beat her outside and forces from within. By the way, hand in hand with the government and the Central Bank, destroying national production taxes, expensive credit and cheap imports.

But it is not necessary to have seven spans in a forehead to predict the development of this “slavishly”. As you know, the thief in law Shakro Young was associated not only with General Investigative Committee Drymanov (pictured in kasittelyssa uniform). Connection Shakro and extend the FSB. Therefore do not be surprised that more security forces will start to work as mercenaries, bandits: from orders to eliminate competition in the legal business, destroying their company’s custom-made criminal cases. Well, the splicing part of silovikov drug trafficking is a fact. Remember the scandal with the cocaine the Russian Embassy in Argentina.

Where do you think will lead these processes, when the Kremlin will decide to do the “new 1937” and give security forces complete lack of control? Absolute freedom of action?



They are very quick to not only generate massive willingness to rebel – they will finish the Russian economy.

Maxim Kalashnikov is well known that entrepreneurs (especially of engineers) that unmerciful, harsh conditions of the Russian Federation managed to raise their businesses (especially if they are re-created, not old Soviet) is the gold Fund of the nation. People with intelligence, business acumen and nous, not Rob its factories and farms, aimed at scientific and TEKHNICHESKOE the development of the Business. Only they are actually able to spend resources with the highest efficiency, conquering the market of the country of import and marketing in the global arena with a new product of our production.

The attempt of the “new 1937” will result in a black Orgy of raiding. Gold frames will be destroyed, going to jail. (And this will be no different from the Nazis plan to destroy the smartest, most capable in the occupied territories). Change prudent and smart owners will come dull “dobyvatel trophies”. Werewolves. Avid “new pechenezhin”. In record time they will suck and ruin captured by the company making robotic intelligent production in tons of money on apartments, overseas property, in the banal branded “Bentley” and “Vertu”phones. They not only cut out color of our people, but will cause a decline in the economy. With the surge in unemployment and poverty.

The vaunted “wonder weapons,” Putin’s team will turn into a beautiful shell, stuffed with crappy Chinese electronics. Or we’ve seen the cheap chips China in the “black box” Turks downed su-24M?

And this is a terrible process. This is the end of everything. Because then the parasites themselves will be forced to kill and devour each other. You know, it smells like a war between different branches of the security forces in Russia?

Warn the Kremlin: your attempt to inflict the “new 37th” in Russia will be the last of your convulsion. This will dramatically accelerate the explosion of society and the economic collapse. Don’t know did it the American authors of the sanctions, but their attacks on the banks of the Russian Federation will only reinforce their destructive raiding. For state-owned banks will be left without a dollar-denominated assets and access to financial markets of the West. Wow something to compensate…



Thus, the power structures of the Russian Federation has become a huge socio-economic bomb under the country. The strongest factor of the crisis (in addition to the government and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation).

The Kremlin has long realized that lost the Second Cold war. She moved to the stage of many years of struggle to overworking and exhaustion. But the Russian economy is ten times less than the us, its “elite” demoralized, unprincipled, and wholly dependent on the West. The semi-official propaganda can plenty to shout: “Nicht kapituliren! America has failed to break the us sanctions!”. And we know that managed. Realizing that defeat he got, the Kremlin has frantically pulls the finals and is trying to negotiate more or less tolerable conditions of delivery. And hopes of salvation in the cataclysm in the West. No, not the collapse of the EU! EU solves nothing, sanctions are imposed and directs America. But in the US, unfortunately, still can not start a new civil war. On the contrary, Americans rallied against the Kremlin for “intervention in election” and intend to finish it.

In these circumstances, decomposed, decayed until the stench of the power structures of the Russian Federation working as an accelerator for the collapse of the Kremlin. And yet the fact that the corrupt generals will not help the enemy to organize in Russia the Pro-Western coup. After all, for the forgiveness of the West and the legalization of the loot I want to get…

Can we defuse this ticking time bomb under the country? Talk about it further…

(To be continued)

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