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How to plan the family budget with your mortgage

Как спланировать семейный бюджет при ипотеке

Many will say that already know their expenses that personal Finance is not necessary. But life circumstances change. And borrowers need to be prepared to mortgage credit for housing was not a burden and did not have to part with the long-awaited estate.

Given the personal expenses at least one month, you can see enough tangible difference between the estimated figures and the real. Accounting Finance clearly shows where and how money is spent, what you can save, and where not to do it. Also helps to predict the portion of future expenses. Which allows you to live with a small salary or with a mortgage. A mortgage loan is quite a big article family expenses. And she needs to be taken into account when planning the budget more than one year.

First decide whether to take out a mortgage

It is dangerous to take a loan if someone of the family members has no permanent job. And hence permanent income. Categorically it is not necessary to take out loans, if the borrower is on probation with either the employer concluded a fixed-term appointment. After all, there is no guarantee that the borrower will remain solvent in the near future.

Calculate the balance of income and payments on the loan

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If the average family took the decision to take out a mortgage, then work should both adults of a family member. But if they have a child, as a rule, they should as soon as possible to go to work. In Moscow to buy an apartment with the assistance of a mortgage it is advisable to have an income of 100 thousand rubles per family, Because the payment period for the mortgage people need to not survive but to live. So, the loan payment took no more than 50% of family income on a monthly basis. And ideally even less — about 30%.

Practice in savings

In order to understand how much a loan payment will affect the standard of life of the family, experts recommend to work out in advance. In particular, within a few months to get a loan to try to defer about half the wages and to live on the remainder. This will allow us to understand how life will change when you have to pay the mortgage.

Create NC

Fortunately, unforeseen expenses occur infrequently. So agile Fund can be used for stockpiling emergency supplies in case of sharp falling of incomes, for example, because of job loss

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The best option, if the family was able to advance to defer three to five mortgage payments for the most comfortable payments. However, universal numbers here. By the way, if you purchase housing on the secondary market can be partially repay a loan, getting a tax deduction for the apartment. It is entitled to claim both spouses. In the future it is possible to receive a tax deduction for the paid interest. And send it to repay the principal amount.

Change the cost structure of family expenses must rank in order of importance and urgency. First of all, you need to divide the cost of basic and those that you will save. The first is housing, food, transportation, clothing and shoes. All other spending will have to be reviewed to move to more affordable goods and services. And something did give. But not to cutting back all over, keeping the costs of those needs that seem more important.

Finally, it is better to completely abandon the so-called emotional purchases. THAT is, not visit the shops without a pre-thought out list indeed necessary and relevant acquisitions, focusing only on sales and seasonal discounts.

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