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In Austria on the lake bottom found the treasure of Hitler

В Австрии на дне озера нашли сокровища ГитлераOn the ring of a dictator is seen the image of a skull.

In the Austrian Republic collector Gerhard Zauner found part of the treasure of Adolf Hitler. The researcher spent searching for the ring that belonged to the führer, more than 60 years. A unique artifact is lifted from the bottom of lake Toplitz.

Gerhard Zauner announced that discovered the ring is engraved with the date of birth of the head of the Third Reich and its name. Also, jewelry can be seen the image of a skull.

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The collector admitted that the search of the artifact took him more than 60 years. This ring along with the entire collection of treasures Hitler had been stolen, and now all the items scattered in different countries of Europe.

When the collector explored the Austrian lake Toplitz in 1959, they found £72 million Value of the treasure is questionable, because the money was counterfeit British currency issued by the Nazi party.

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Zauner owns a unique collection of artifacts of the twentieth century, among which memorabilia and Nazi badges, as well as explosives and weapons during the Second world war.

Note that all discovered finds Zauner keeps open a private Museum.

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