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In Bashkiria, a couple in love burned alive

The tragedy happened when young people rented a room from him for the night. Couple in love locked in the kitchen, propped up the door to the sofa.

Vavilov poured gasoline, then set fire to a flammable liquid with a lighter. The lovers had no chance of escaping from the burning room, because the lattices were installed on the windows of the apartment owner, located on the first floor.

The young man died on the spot, and the girl in a serious condition with severe burns was hospitalized. The doctors could not save her, but before her death she managed to testify to the investigators and told about the possible reasons for such a cruel reprisal against them.

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Exclusive footage of death recognition was shown in the release of the program "Vesti-Bashkortostan".

True, the criminal was not aware of this situation and, assuring that the fire happened when he went to the store, pinned great hopes on the alibi he had invented.

The murderer said that his colleague’s colleague had seen him at that moment, but he could not give evidence because of his death.

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During the investigation, it turned out that this man had died a month before Vavilov burned his lovers alive.

Taking into account the fact that at the time of the murder of two people, Vavilov had a suspended sentence for theft, the court handed him the most severe punishment.

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