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In Britain, pigeons will gather meteorological data

В Британии голуби будут собирать метеорологические данные Specially trained birds, equipped with sensors.

The main difficulty for forecasters was the education of the service (and still, in spite of all technical progress) is in the collection of meteorological data.

Probably everyone is (a little) the modern station, equipped with all kinds of devices and technical bells and whistles until the means of obtaining data from space satellites. Nevertheless, we all know how wrong all the workers met in their forecasts, and British weather forecasters who, incidentally, were the first to collect weather data (initially for their Navy), not once criticized or ridiculed, ranging from journalism to satire and witty anecdotes.

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Maybe so (and maybe not) the engineers at Birmingham University from England, involved in improving the work of the weather service of the country, decided to involve “live” and very fine work – the pigeons. That’s what told reporters the head of the group of scientists Rick Thomas:

“While we have selected for this responsible work five pigeons. They are all equipped with special sensors, the very light that do not interfere with the birds to fly and to feel free (not more than 2-3 percent of the weight of a pigeon). Pigeons have made more than forty operations and demonstrated great results for the collection of information. A common way of them to cover the research area was about a thousand kilometers.”

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Verify that the value of a sensor mounted on each bird, does not exceed three hundred dollars. According to the researchers, it is at least ten times cheaper than traditional collection of meteorological data and also almost ten times more efficient. So hard-working and responds well to training pigeons still serve the people, if not in the email business, as once, the weather certainly…

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