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In Britain recorded an abnormally thick fog

В Британии зафиксировали аномально густой туман Fog limited visibility at arm’s length.

The villagers, Sotras, which is located in England in the County of Norfolk, which day see a unique natural phenomenon – an unusual haze that arose in the lowlands and in places with high humidity.

The fog was filmed by cameraman James Horne by a drone. The first radiation fog was incredibly thick to see anything at arm’s length was impossible. Haze dissipated only in some places.

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As noted by horn, the landscape on the ground and from the height of bird flight varies drastically. In the second case, offers an incredible picture, breathtaking. The phenomenon is no surprise.

The fog of such density occurred earlier in the Chinese province of Nanjing. Then the visibility dropped to 50 metres of a public transport flights have been cancelled.

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