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In case of a fire at RGALI, documents were saved by throwing them out of the window.

As the correspondent of “MK” found out at the scene, on July 12 around 14.30 on the fourth floor of one of the buildings of RGALI a fire occurred. The firefighters who arrived at the scene coped with the fire an hour later, the total area of ​​the fire was 150 square meters. m

According to representatives of the archive's administration, no particular securities were damaged, and repair work may have been the cause of the fire.

“All personal funds and valuable documents are stored in a different building,” said Tatiana Goryaeva, director of the State Archives. – At this site constituent documents, management documentation, but, of course, these documents are of some value to us. For us, each document is a historical source. As for the building itself, this is an old pre-war building. We are upgrading it; in the other building, the automatic fire extinguishing system is installed; there is no one here. This object we recently took to the balance. On the same floor, we just changed the rack equipment for fire-prevention counterpart. There were metal structures and they were cut for replacement. Apparently, a spark hit – a banal situation.

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Employees learned about the fire by the fact that the fire alarm was triggered. When they went up to inspect the floor and opened the door of one of the offices, there was a strong smoke. Then the fire spread to the neighboring rooms. In this case, construction workers left the facility two hours before the alarm went off. Part of the fund was saved and lowered down to the first floor, and part of the firefighters were thrown from the windows. On the ground were, in particular, documents from the Kazan State Conservatory. Zhiganov and the Novosibirsk State Academy. Glinka.

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RGALI holds the richest personal funds of literary and art workers, transferred not only from museums, but also by relatives of prominent artists, for example, documents by Korney Chukovsky and Konstantin Paustovsky. One of the most valuable RGALI storage units is the manuscript book “Easter Haggadah”, dated XIV century. The funds contain the autographs of Peter I and George Byron, documents related to Pushkin, including the Ostafyevsky archive of the Vyazemsky family (the poet was a friend of Peter the Great of Vyazma). Here are collected materials related to the history of the creation of "Crime and Punishment" and "Idiot" by Dostoevsky, the priceless archives of Yesenin, Mayakovsky and Akhmatova. RGALI also has the richest theatrical collection: the personal archives of Meyerhold, Sobinov, Petipa, photo documents, sketches of scenery and costumes for performances of past eras, including the imperial theaters. Priceless and cinematic component. These are five thousand drawings by Sergei Eisenstein, archives of silent film actor Ivan Mozzhukhin, directors Jacob Protazanov, Mikhail Romm, Lev Kuleshov, Dziga Vertov. In addition, the pearl casket and silver ring belonging to Marina Tsvetaeva, as well as Nikolay Berdyaev's cigarette case are kept in RGALI.

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