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In France the “yellow vests” attacked the office of the speaker of the government

Во Франции "желтые жилеты" напали на офис спикера правительстваThe front doors of the building, which houses the office of the speaker of the government, was partially destroyed

Saturday’s anti-government protests in the French capital, which was initially peaceful, turned violent, the police had to use special equipment and to evacuate the speaker of the government of Benjamin Hryvnia.

The clashes began after the demonstrators deviated from the agreed route. Several cars were burned and police used water cannons and flash grenades.

Protesters attacked the office of the speaker of the French government of Benjamin Hryvnia. Him and half a dozen colleagues were evacuated after the front door of the building was partially destroyed by construction tools.

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“This was an attack not on me. It was an attack on the institutions of the democratic form of government,” he said later Hryvnia.

It was the first such attack on state property, since, as Saturday’s protests began in mid-November. The protesters tried to reach the presidential Elysee Palace.

According to the authorities, about 50 thousand people participated in protests across France on Saturday, 5 January. The police counted about 3,500 demonstrators in Paris.

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Recall that in France the “yellow vests” hold a protest on Saturdays, starting in November 2018. Activists oppose increase in fuel prices, government tax policy in General and demanded the resignation of the President and the Prime Minister.

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