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In Moscow, a flayer tied a dog to a car: the singer saved

The video has spread to social networks. The frames show that the dog is tied to a slowly driving car with a leash and tries to keep pace with it despite a damaged paw. After some time, the dog falls, the car continues to drag it along the asphalt, at this the shooting is interrupted.

According to REN, motorists tried to block the driver, who first refused to give the animal, and then escaped from the scene, leaving both the dog and the car on the road. Later, the man said that the dog belongs to his friend, and since her paw was injured, she behaved aggressively, because he could not put her into the salon.

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The dog was taken by zoo protectors. The State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow said that an audit is being conducted on the fact of the incident.

"StarHit" reports that the initiator of the rescue of the dog on the road was the singer Olga Orlova, who became an accidental witness to the incident. It was she who shot the terrible video and posted it on social networks, urging subscribers to respond and come to the rescue.

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Photo: instagram.com/olgaorlova1311

Orlova later said that the dog is under the supervision of professionals and is still undergoing examination in the clinic, they are going to find a new family soon.


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