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In New Zealand, showed an unidentified little creatures

В Новой Зеландии показали неопознанных маленьких существ Ufologists believe alien origin of the findings.

The intriguing video was obtained recently in the new Zealand city of Auckland. Local resident Tim tells the Clerk that his mother went in the morning in the kitchen of their house and with surprise found on the floor of a strange greyish creatures of small size.

The bodies of these strange creatures remained motionless, while their supposed tails moved. Tim, who called the creature “the alien mice”, captured them on camera, in order to put the resulting video in the “Facebook”: maybe someone knows what it is?

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The footage quickly made the rounds on the world wide web and soon became interested experts. Unfortunately, many specialists can’t even imagine what’s depicted in this video. Thus, representatives of the University of Sydney and the Australian Museum to be honest, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Meanwhile, entomologists from the Agency bio-security New Zealand considered that speech can go about the severed legs large butterflies, the victim of a pet. That’s the only snag is that cats, dogs and other Pets in the family of Clerks not and never has been.

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Some scientists in the Network called the material a hoax. Of course, men of science refuse to assume that extraterrestrial organisms entering into our reality from somewhere in deep space, or “emerged” from a parallel world. Tim and his mother is also not in a hurry to talk seriously about aliens from another planet or people from another space, but note that they found the creatures look too unusual.

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