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In Novosibirsk, the Agency demolishes barns

Новосибирское Росимущество сносит коровники

Novosibirsk management of Federal property management Agency ordered the mass demolition of barns and Telyatnikov in Cherepanovsky district of the region. Parallel to this territory have launched a joint agricultural project with the Chinese. The office is headed by Oleh Gallyamov.

Territorial administration of Federal property management Agency announced a competition for the dismantling of the 11 major structures associated with the agricultural enterprises of the Cherepanovsky district. Documents published on the procurement website.

The government decided to demolish the calf sheds, barns and seed cleaning complex in the towns Bezmenova, free and South. The total area of the state property made up 14.29 thousand sq. m.

The contract was given to OOO “Top” for 89,4 thousand rubles. The company must not only dismantle the buildings, but also to take out the trash until 28 September.

According to the district administration, in June 2017 the lands of the former OPH “Pismenovo” “launched” joint Russian-Chinese project of breeding and processing of potatoes. The investment amounted to 28 million rubles, the first of the planting of tubers from China was supervised by the Institute of Cytology and genetics SB RAS. However, the project encountered problems. The territorial administration of Rosimushchestvo refused to give the neighboring municipality Bezmenova an area of 20 thousand hectares, on which, according to local authorities, worked unscrupulous tenants, who had abandoned the earth. According to the law, this is the basis for the transfer of territory, municipal or regional property.

Basmanovskoye the administration of the village Council filed a lawsuit in Novosibirsk management of Federal property management Agency, which simply ignored her request. In court representatives of the office also was not asked to postpone the meeting. In the end, the process was delayed, the next meeting is scheduled for September 6 and the mega project on the cultivation of potatoes is put on hold.

According to the “Circuit-Focus”, the Federal Treasury in Cherepanovsky district owned several large farms: OPKh “Basmanovskoye”, OPKh “Cherepanovskiy”, plasmaravers cherepanovskiy and others. They closed at zero, some managed to save, others as an animal-breeding sovkhoz “cherepanovskiy”, was privatized and then bankrupt.

From the case of the insolvency of zverosovkhoz it follows that the bankruptcy claim was filed by the very state-owned enterprise, privatized in 2004. In 2011, all state property with a nominal value of 32.2 million rubles was sold to the firm with a similar name — “fur farm “Cherepanovskiy”” — 10 million rubles. For that amount of money in private hands has left 29 buildings, six water towers, 20 vehicles, 18 tractors, combine harvesters, other agricultural equipment, hundreds of parts, and 338 of live foxes, foxes 160, 482 valuable skins of animals and 16 tons of flour.

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The Novosibirsk branch of the Federal property management Agency manages Oleh Gallyamov. For a long time he served in the Prosecutor’s office. In 2000 he became the Prosecutor of the Siberian military district. In 2004, after retirement, he headed the Department of property and ground relations of administration of the Novosibirsk region. After the change of power in the region and the appointment of Vasily Yurchenko for the post of Governor Gallyamov left the administration, the witnesses talked about the conflict of officials, and moved into property management.

Gallyamov was one of the main witnesses for the prosecution in a criminal case Yurchenko. Ex-Governor convicted of abuse of office while preparing the sale of a plot in the centre of Novosibirsk firm that is associated with the “Russian hotels” Oleg Deripaska. He received three years probation, but the blame did not recognize. Protection believed that in the criminal prosecution Yurchenko stood eks-the Plenipotentiary of the President in Siberia Victor Tolokonsky and Oleh Gallyamov.

In 2018, social activist Viktor Sorokin Fund “We are against corruption” published video “Oleh Gallyamov, how much is the conscience of the Prosecutor?” In it, he argued that “the great land of the Golden land in Rechkunovskaya the” decorated mother-in-law for a while.

In the official Declaration Galliamova said that he had no property either in ownership or in use. No flats and houses no information about income 2012. However, reports in 2013, you receive the apartment of 152 sqm, specified as the “source of funds with which the transaction is made”.

The social worker Sorokin know that Gallyamov divorced with his wife. Cottage at Rechkunovskaya Zona otdyha 5/17 recorded on the ex-wife’s mother Irina Kozlovskaya. The building is located near the shore of the Gulf of Berd. The adjacent plot a smaller area was registered on Galliamova, but then reissued to the former head of the Siberian Department of the Russian Federal property Fund Vladimir Galeva.

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In 2005-2006 Galeva dismissed after a comprehensive inspection Department, which showed a “weakening of control over the regional offices, staff representatives and attorneys of the entities of the Russian Foundation for basic research, the lack of a unified accounting system of released property”. His place was taken sent from Moscow Sergei Korolko, who was killed two months after his appointment. The main version of the prosecution was custom-made murder in connection with official activities.

With the participation took place while somewhat controversial, according to social activists, transactions: the privatization of the regional airport in Krasnodarskom area, which for some reason included in the plan together with the health resort and the lease of the parcel of Federal land with an area of 0.2 ha in front of the circus in Novosibirsk. The land is in Federal ownership, and in October 2014 the government gave it in rent to firm “Leader”. The municipality tried to personiality plot from the zone, “OD-1” (business development) to “R-2” (green zone), given that there are dozens of trees, and there you can split the square. “Leader” appealed the decision and won in arbitration, having passed all instances. The mayor Anatoly Elbow called the actions of the developer, wyrobiska trees, “disrespecting the city”.

In addition, according to the “Circuit-Focus”, Gallyamov is a co-founder of Berd TSZH Zhemchuzhina, was in Berdsk on the street Linear, 5 in a two-storey office building. The partnership, according to documents, is engaged in the purchase and sale of land, but shows zero revenue. His partner TSZH Alexander Shustin — co-owner of OOO “Byte-Transit-Continent” associated with a legislative Assembly Deputy from “United Russia”, the head of the Commission on counteraction of corruption Alexander Spielmann.

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