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In Russia earns a cellular network for officials and security forces

Our country continues the separation of power from the people. This is manifested not only in living standards: very soon they will get their own cellular network. The operator Tele2, as it became known, will create a separate network specifically for officials and security forces, and this program has been approved by the government of our country.

According to preliminary data, cellular network, inaccessible to mere mortals, will work on the LTE-450, and its deployment will be completed by 2024. It is unclear who will pay for all this, but if rates in Tele2 in the near future will rise in price, don’t be surprised. The cost of creating the “government” of the network will be about 74 billion rubles, and it will cover the entire country, whereas the ordinary civilian networks are still huge gaps in coverage – something which is not even GSM.

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In addition to networking for people in uniform and expensive suits, Tele2 will develop a special mobile application for them, the purpose of which is kept secret. It will be focused on domestic needs, and access to it is the common people do not get it. The reasons for the creation of all of this is not disclosed – perhaps a new network will have a higher degree of protection so that no one from the outside could not hear the conversations and read the correspondence of subscribers.

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