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In Russia officially launched multitrade-in for gadgets

What is the trade-in, I bring the old gadget, pay extra and get a new one with a warranty and other Goodies. Today, Russia introduced a brand new service – multitrade-in, the character of which it is possible to guess from the name.

Service multitrade-in offer Svyaznoy and Euroset, although now it is one office. The point is that you can bring at least a bag of old phones and to even 100% discount on a new device. Of course, no one will take your old junk, and not all brands are participating in the campaign, but in some cases can take even damaged and even broken.

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The state of the system will depend on the size of the discount the higher the degree of wear, the less you will save money when purchasing new items. Old tubes allegedly will go to the secondary market, which is not surprising. And Yes, multitrade-in will surely appeal to the traffickers stolen, so be alert and don’t lose your smartphone out of sight, and the uneven hour that he will be just in the same bag, which the scammers will bring in multitrade-in Messenger.

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