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In Russia there will be space Bank

В России появится космический банк

In Russia there will be a reference Bank in the space industry. The decree on its creation was signed by the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, reports TASS.

The credit institution will be established on the basis of “Fundservicebank” and will be called “Roskombank”. On the functions of the new Bank while little is known: according to the source Agency, he will perform the role of “Treasury to monitor all contract work of the enterprises of space-rocket industry”.

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Fondservisbank was established in 1994 and specialized in servicing enterprises of the military-industrial complex, including the Russian space Agency. Its major shareholder was Capital trust company “Soyuz”. In may 2018, the Central Bank started the procedure of sanitation (financial rehabilitation) of Fundservicebank, and has attracted Roscosmos as an investor. The only shareholder of the new Bank will also become the Russian space Agency.

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In 2018 in Russia came the anchor Bank of the military-industrial complex. They became the PSB, before the same is sent by the Central Bank on sanitation because of the threat of bankruptcy. Currently, the Bank provides loans to enterprises in the sphere of defence industry and maintenance of defence contracts.

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