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In Thailand constructed a floating electric car

В Таиланде сконструировали плавучий электрокарAuto created ex-engineer Toyota

The inhabitants of the Thai island of Phuket can buy this floating electric car called the Fomm One.

The model development has involved the ex-Toyota engineer Hideo Tsurumaki. Avtokonstruktor began work on the project after the tsunami of 2011.

This miniature machine (its length reaches about 2.5 meters, a height of 1.56 meters, and the width is 1.3 meter) gets the waterproof power unit. Fomm One with two elektrodvigateli five kilowatts with a total return of 14 HP

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Without recharging electric car is amphibious and can travel up to 160 kilometers. But the speed more than 80 km/h on this car will fail. Recharged this electric car, capable of carrying up to four people, for about six hours.

To Fomm One could without problems to overcome water obstacles, its equipped with torpedoobrazna wheels and water cannons. The cost of the electric vehicle for rescue from floods is $ 20,000. Expensive.

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Over time, if the car will be of interest to buyers, developers are planning to significantly reduce this amount.

В Таиланде сконструировали плавучий электрокар
В Таиланде сконструировали плавучий электрокар

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