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In the houses of the Russians will return aluminum wiring

В жилые дома россиян вернут алюминиевую проводку

The Ministry of construction of Russia approved changes in the code of design and installation of residential buildings, allowing to use in the construction of houses wiring of aluminum alloys. As write “news”, re-use aluminum wiring will be in the spring of 2019.

Aluminum wiring was used in the USSR to change it for copper began in the 1990-ies, when due to faulty cables in apartments frequent fires. For this reason, the use of aluminum wiring was banned in 2003. The return of the aluminum wiring with the 2016-year lobbying the company “RUSAL” Oleg Deripaska, who is currently under US sanctions.

In the “RUSAL” noted that we are not talking about Soviet products, and new cables safe for use in construction. Certified products has produced the company “Unkomtekh”, “Kamkabel” and “Moskabel”. “The change of the crystal lattice and the addition of iron increased flexibility, and reliable contact connection with the terminal devices,” — noted in “RUSAL”.

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In Minpromtorge say that the products have passed the test, which confirmed the safety of its use. Also, officials say that it is not about fully aluminum wiring, and wires with conductors of aluminium alloys.

However, development Director of the developer “Grenelle” Color Andrew believes that the quality of new wiring will still meet the one that we have now. In addition, although it would be about 30% less copper, the price per square meter is not affected.

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Today citizens when moving to an apartment with aluminum wiring try to replace it with copper to avoid the fire, said the Chairman of the Committee on development of construction materials industry of the Russian Union of builders Andrew silk. But if we are talking about the alloys, it is necessary to carefully assess the specific characteristics of the product, since the connection of materials can have quite different qualities.

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