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In the sky previously mentioned the Lipetsk discovered a vibrant item

В небе над Липецком заметили яркий объектThe burning item was extinguished just before achieved the floor.

June 21 citizens of 5 locations of Central Russia noticed in the sky a vibrant item, which flared up and then burned up in the ambiance.

Astronomers feel it was superbolid of pure origin.

At four:20 Moscow time on the Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tula, Kursk and Orel locations was noticed a vibrant item. His flight was accompanied by the emergence of flash, equivalent to the a person noticed in the tumble of the Chelyabinsk meteorite. The period of the vibrant stage was about four seconds.

Precise data about the tumble of the item at the instant. The burning item was extinguished just before achieved the earth — so now we cannot explain to, did the Russians meteorite (that is, the physique that fell on the floor) or a fireball (or a celestial physique, burned in the ambiance).

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A celestial physique, say the astronomers, is probably to have a pure origin.

“With a chance of 90 per cent, it can be argued that this is a prevalent pure meteoroid with a diameter of about one-three meters. Why it is not area particles? The actuality that the normal area particles — a satellite released into orbit all over the Earth, so they are really hollow and revolve bit by bit enter the ambiance. Thanks to this, their flight route in the ambiance reasonably lengthy — slipping area particles lasts about 10-20 seconds and even 30 seconds. Listed here we see a fast sharp entrance with a period of about a few, optimum of 5 seconds. Appropriately, the angular velocity is plainly increased than eight kilometers for every next, the optimum pace of spacecraft in Earth orbit, the area particles we can straight away exclude”, — states Stanislav Shorter, the Russian astronomer, head of the scientific operate of the Astronomical station TAU.

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“Purely natural origin also suggests the remaining smoky observe, which is extremely equivalent to path of the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Fairly, it is a stone physique. At the instant we can get in touch with him superbolid, due to the fact it is extremely vibrant — his brilliance is in the get of -25 magnitude, practically like the Sunlight” — claimed the astronomer.

“There is a substantial chance that the wreckage floated to the Floor. You can see the flash, it is the time of the collapse of the most important physique. I estimate that the most significant fragments really should be in diameter no extra than 10-15 centimeters,” clarifies Stanislav Shorter.

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