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In Udmurtia, a pardoned suicide bomber raped a child

As reported by RIA Novosti in the regional investigation department of the IC of the Russian Federation, the crime was committed on August 4 in the city of Glazov. According to investigators, a 56-year-old local man promises to buy sweets and ride rides lured a 7-year-old girl from a playground in a deserted place, where he “committed violent acts of a sexual nature, and then disappeared.”

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According to the investigator, the girl immediately ran to the nearest store and told about the incident to the saleswoman who called the police.

Law enforcement authorities said that recording the video surveillance camera helped establish the identity of the pervert. It turned out that he had previously been repeatedly convicted and even sentenced to death, but was pardoned in 1998. “Three years ago, he was released on parole from places of imprisonment. He didn’t work anywhere, lived alone, ”the TFR reported in Udmurtia.

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Pedophile is arrested. Investigators find out his involvement in other similar crimes.

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