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Intoxicating brotherhood

Хмельное братство

These people refused to eat and was on the verge of death. They saved the beer

During Great lent Orthodox Christians, as a rule, refuse from alcohol — at the very least they are allowed to drink only diluted wine. In XVII century the monks of a German monastery were able to achieve the original concessions: in exchange for complete fasting they received the right “to eat the” special beer. About them and their modern successors — in the material “Tape.ru”.

Liquid bread

The founders of the tradition to fast beer are the monks of the mendicant order of the Minims (or Paulinow) from the monastery Neudeck about der AU (Tip ob der Au) near Munich. In the early seventeenth century, the monks followed a very austere lifestyle — for example, during lent they could not eat solid food. Soon they learned the local traditions and learned to brew beer in Germany was much harder to survive on the water than in the South of Italy where there was order.

“However, the beer they had a special, very strong, rich in carbohydrates and nutrients. The monks consulted among themselves and decided that the consumption of “liquid bread” does not violate the rules of fasting” — said beer sommelier Martin Zuber.

There is a legend that to clear my conscience, the monks decided to ask the Pope to fast alcoholic beverage. For this he was sent to a sample of one barrel of beer. During transport through the Alps, the beer was cold and then in the Italian heat has overheated. At the time of tasting it had such a disgusting taste and aroma that the Pontiff, before that only tried wine, couldn’t take a SIP. He decided to drink such a disgusting liquid — is truly a feat in the name of God, and therefore blessed the monks with a pure soul.

Хмельное братство

The monks of the monastery Neudeck about der AU

Photo: Libertaddigital.com

The first documentary mention of the brewery dates back to the year 1634. Then the monks have already started secretly selling fancy beer called “Salvator” to local residents. According to Zuber, the monks have simplified the phrase Sankt Vater, which can be roughly translated as “Holy father beer”. According to another version, this alteration of the word “Savior” — because the drink really saved the monks from starvation. Today this beer called doppelbock. It’s a pretty strong drink — it contains from seven to 12 percent alcohol, and sometimes more. The same “Salvator” if you want you can try today.


A story about monks and beer is often an occasion for jokes and gossip among fans of beer. The authors of the book with recipes of craft beer lead recipe doppelbock called “Doppelbock Drunken monk” and jokingly suggest that after 40 days of drinking the beverage of the monks “everywhere seemed Easter bunnies”.

“Contribution to the world of beer and Christianity”

Example monks in 2011 decided to follow journalist, foodie and keen home brewer from the us state of Iowa John. Wilson. In the experiment, he wanted to drink beer made according to the recipe as close to the medieval monastic.

Wilson had long been studying thematic literature, he developed a recipe and in August 2010 I contacted a local brewery. He offered them a deal: they let him brew a beer on their equipment, and then will have the right to sell it. The recipe for a long time it was modified — the first batch appeared only in January. Wilson called it “incredibly successful” and said that it will be able to sell. The beer is called Illuminator is traditionally all doppelbocks name –ator at the end. It contains 6.67 per cent of alcohol. Wilson tried to make it not particularly strong.

Before the experiment, Wilson agreed with the chief, and he promised to ignore the fact that his subordinate all of lent will be drinking on the job. He passed the examination, received the green light from the doctors, as well as the pastor. Your experience 38-year-old Wilson was described in the blog “part-time Monk”. In his notes to the experimenter emphasized that he does not consider himself a Catholic (fasting in the United States usually Catholic), positioning itself outside of the Christian faiths. Under the project, Wilson wanted to “contribute to the world of beer and Christianity.”

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In the blog the journalist had shared, not only sensations, but also the revelation descended on him. Many of these are metaphors associated with food: “Day one: don’t even know if I should dive into work to banish all thoughts of fried bacon, or to devote time, thought, risking to start thinking about braised pork? I need to find a middle ground.” On day 13 he compares the life of an American layman and a fasting monk: “If a lover of cheeseburgers and Cola is a band playing speed metal, the monks are BB Kings (Blues guitarist) and Stan Getz (the jazz man)”.

Every day he drank four cans of beer with a volume of 0.33 liters. In one Bank, according to the calculations of Wilson, was contained 288 calories. Closer to the end of the post he began to drink five cans daily to get a sufficient number of calories. In 46 days Wilson dropped ten pounds. However, this did not affect his appearance: in preparation for the experiment, he deliberately overeat and have put on nine kilos. Thus, at the end of the post he was able to return to your normal weight — 63 kgs. Strong hunger and stomach pain, he experienced only during the first few days, then “the body like in gear, in place of famine came concentration, and I lived in the flow of indescribable clarity.”

Хмельное братство

John. Wilson

Photo: Brewvana.net

Wilson reasoned that the Church service is an integral part of the life of monks, which takes up almost all of their time. As it was not possible to visit the Church, he read the Psalms — about four in the afternoon to have time to read all 150 by the end of the post. “Day 24: most of the Bible is the word of God to the people, and the Psalms are the cries of people to God. To be honest, the Bible more interesting for me was to read the word of God. But in the Psalms there are interesting moments — it is possible to draw certain conclusions and to calm down a little. I compare the Psalms with the Blues. I am comforted that someone went through the same shit and cried for mercy. The Blues remain the Blues, but these songs boost my spirit, I feel like I belong to the brotherhood of pain.”

Wilson said that his body is perfectly adapted to the lack of food: “I think we’re pretty spoiled. Costs us a little hungry, as we put into our mouths chips. I’m not sure that people understand how much food they can safely give up.” American steadfastly withstood all temptations, and on the 32nd day even prepared for visitors to a yoga Studio, headed by his wife, a full lunch. In his spare time he worked on his book of recipes, many of which have learned more from my grandmother.

Wilson did not feel the intoxication — he drank a pot at eight in the morning, at noon, at three PM and seven PM. If he had to go somewhere by car, he moved the schedule. For example, drinking two cans of beer at eight in the morning, and the two sat behind the wheel. He admitted that only a couple of times felt “drugged”, but this did not prevent him to get to work. He did not suffer for lack of your favorite dishes, but the first week he was constantly harassed by the aromas of food: olives, grilled meat, Mexican dishes. Delicious and seemed even a smell which he thought was disgusting. For example, the smell from the fat catcher, located in the yard of a fast food cafe, by whom he passed on the way to work.

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Post failed for Wilson without a trace — the content of liver enzymes in his blood quite strongly increased. But the kidney problems arose due to the fact that he drank a lot of water, to numb the hunger. First thing I’ve eaten Wilson after the end of the post, home — made smoothie from bacon. It is specially ground meat, so unaccustomed to solid food, the stomach was able to digest it.

Wilson argues that this experience turned his life upside down. “I realized that the monks clearly understood their human nature and flaws. To focus on God, every year they fasted not only in order to glorify the Lord, but in order to see their own shortcomings, to constantly improve themselves”, — he summed up the results of his post and said that might from time to time will return to fasting.

Clear consciousness

This year in the US there is another beer lover, decided for lent to be limited to only a frothy beverage. Affairs Hall of the town of Newtown, Ohio, began fasting on Wednesday, March 6, and plans to hold out until Easter, which will be celebrated April 21.

Unlike Wilson Hall is not limited to doppelbock and going to drink different Beers. He also takes a multivitamin, drink unsweetened tea, black coffee and sparkling water.

Хмельное братство

Affairs Hall

Photo: @sgtdel

Hall regularly visits the doctor. He drinks two to five Beers a day. The first afternoon, because he has no love for Breakfast, the second during the day, and all the rest — in the evening, upon returning home.

Hall admitted that the hardest he was given the first and second day of fasting. Usually he drank beer with Mexican food, so he very missed. But by the end of week two, the desire to eat is completely gone. “I do not feel hunger. I hope that’s a good sign and it stays that way. I feel that my mind becomes more clear,” said the American, and added that he has become very acute sense of smell.

Hall previously refused to eat for the sake of experiment. Once he four days was fed only water, “I’m a veteran of the army and was there the best in its class, he says. I ran the full marathon, 42 kilometers. I have survived the ordeal, but this seems particularly difficult. I was just wondering if I can do it. Can or not.”

In the beginning of the post Hall weighed to 132.6 kg. For the twenty-first day, he dropped 12.1 kilograms and each day posts a video weighing on his YouTube channel.

At the end of the second week the Hall was glad that he had gone constant drowsiness: “I no longer feel the need to sleep eight or nine hours. I cheerfully greeted the morning and in General became a lot less irritable”. The only thing he complains — a metallic taste in the mouth. Hall believes this is part of the detoxification process — supposedly out of it the heavy metals. Commentators suggest to tell him about the symptoms the doctor. However, a week later the feeling was gone by itself.

By the end of the third week, Hall admitted that every night he is dreaming of food: “I’m having pasta and gummy worms. Sometimes I Wake up in the night and feel that moving your jaw as if chewing”. Fasting thinks it’s funny. In addition, Hall speculate about how many mentions of food every day sees the man he began to notice that his following and watching food advertising and storefront restaurants.

On the fourth week he plans to attend the conference crafting brewers in another city, and worried how his body will react on the flight. In addition, Hall is going to spend an hour in the capsule of sensory deprivation, to “meditate and to face a famine face to face”.

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