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Japan is ready to pay $ 1 billion for turning a person into a cyborg


The Japanese government is preparing to launch an extensive innovation stimulation program, which should cover 25 key areas until 2050. They will seek and develop new solutions not only at home, but also around the world, for this purpose they will allocate $ 1 billion every 5 years.

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For example, to solve the problem of labor shortages, it is proposed to radically robotize all industries. This includes the creation of autonomous robots to replace humans in agriculture, construction, in mines, in forests and on roads. They will be entrusted with the management of artificial intelligence, but not by simple varieties, such as modern neural networks, but by a real “digital mind”. As conceived by the authors of the initiative, by the 2050th, these AIs will continuously make new discoveries worthy of the Nobel Prize.

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They want to solve the issue of population aging through cyborgization and hibernation. The total replacement of worn parts of the body with implants will again turn weakened old people into useful members of society. And artificial sleep – hibernation – will help increase life expectancy. And, in addition, it will allow part of the population to go into hibernation, reducing the load on the infrastructure at critical moments.

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In addition, by 2050 it is planned to arrange the processing of any garbage and the neutralization of all types of emissions into the atmosphere. Plastic pollution of the ocean from environmental disaster will become an important new source of raw materials – cheap and potentially endless.

All projects will be ranked by priority, and the acceptance of new research applications will begin at the end of this year.


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