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Moscow after the regional providers have begun to raise prices for Internet

Московские провайдеры вслед за региональными начали повышать цены на интернет

One of the oldest capital providers RiNet announced an increase since the new year prices on the Internet by 5%. About it writes “Kommersant”, citing a company letter to subscribers.

According to the letter, declared the increase in prices was the consequence of an increase in VAT from 18% to 20% (the tax will be increased from 1 January 2019) and the entry into force of the so-called “Spring law”, obliging ISPs to store customer traffic.

The growth of prices on the Internet in social networks report also subscribers of the provider of MGTS. Judging by the publications in social networks, increase occurred in October and November, amounting to 50 roubles for two months, follows from the message. But representatives of MGTS reported that this increase is not related to the “law of Spring” – the provider regularly updates the rates to meet the demands of consumers, primarily for speed. “So, in November we increased the speed on some archival tariffs, the price changed from 1 December”, – said the press service of the company.

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Other Moscow providers have not yet announced the price increases. According to the Director of business development for mass market provider Netbynet (a subsidiary of “MegaFon”) Andrey Egorov, the question of change of tariffs is under consideration, but to talk about specific promotions yet. Representatives of “AKADO” reported that analyze the situation, but intend to “maintain a differentiated approach to formation of tariffs, taking into account user profile”, and in “VympelCom” have refused comments.

Recall that the regional providers have begun to raise prices in may of this year. So, the Petersburg provider Telekompas operating under the brand “Comfortel”, informed users about the increased fees for services of 8% from 1 July 2018 in connection with the entry into force of the “law of Spring”. About the rising cost of some fares by 10% from June 1, subscribers also informed provider “Domy” (JSC “ER-Telecom holding”), covering 11% of the Russian market of broadband access. The company does not directly attribute the increase prices with the need to fulfill the “law of Spring”, although this operator estimated the cost of its implementation in 50 billion roubles.

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At the end of November in Telecom Daily has published the results of a survey of 100 managers network operators, according to which 52% of respondents expressed confidence that their companies in 2019 will raise rates within 10%, and 29% were warned about the inevitability of increasing tariffs by 10% or more. There are no plans to increase prices on the Internet was reported in 11%, and 8% of respondents made a reduction in tariffs.

Among the reasons for the probable rising prices, representatives of the companies mentioned the VAT increase, fluctuations of the dollar and the Euro, and the cost of compliance with the requirements of the “law of Spring” in the storage part of the traffic mix. Just over 10% of respondents added to this list of sanctions against Russia by the EU and the USA.

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