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Museums of the Moscow Kremlin will present an exhibition about the imperial court in Beijing

The exhibition “Ceremonies of the Russian Imperial Court” will for the first time present abroad the most important Kremlin collection in such a volume. She will introduce the Chinese audience to the atmosphere of court celebrations in the Russian Empire.

Crown of Empress Anna Ioannovna. Goldsmiths by Samson Larionov, Kalina Afanasyev, Nikita Milyukov, silver worker Pyotr Semenov, goldsmith Luka Fedorov. Silver, diamonds, rubies, tourmalines; casting, chasing, carving, gilding. 1730. Photo: kreml.ru

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The exposition at the Gugun Museum includes more than 150 exhibits that reveal the significance of each of the events and rituals associated with the accession to the throne of the Russian monarchs. Visitors will see the works of the best artists, engravers, photographers, jewelers, medalists, weavers, tailors, embroiderers who worked at the imperial court.

The collection includes state regalia, coronation vestments and the decoration of ceremonial trips and processions, objects of decorative decoration of sacred rites and greeting audiences of the monarchs.

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The exhibition runs until November 8th. It is the second part of a joint project of the Kremlin Museums and the Palace Museum in Beijing as part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China.

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