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NASA Hubble revived

NASA реанимировало HubbleThe first scientific images of “Hubble” will receive at the end of this week.

Orbital Observatory “Hubble” has returned to normal operation after correcting all of the problems in the wide-angle camera WFC3, disabled, in the beginning of last week.

A week ago, representatives from NASA said that the camera WFC3, one of the main instruments of Hubble, has begun to signal the existence of serious problems in her work, which she has been temporarily disabled to disclose the reasons for the failure.

This accident was the second serious problem in the telescope-the veteran over the last year. In October 2018 Hubble temporarily went into safe mode due to a malfunction in the system its orientation. One of the three gyroscopes that help the telescope “see” in one direction, out of order.

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In a normal situation this would not be a problem, but the problem has been found in the work of the backup gyroscope. After a few weeks of experiments, NASA engineers were able to figure out what were related problems in his work, and to avoid them.

As reported by the scientist, as successfully resolved the problem with WFC3. It turned out that errors in her work arose not because of the real damage the camera, but due to the incorrect functioning of telemetry systems that transmit data about its state to the Ground.

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Dropping these logic chains and switching the camera on Board and a backup chip, engineers have restored its work. Trial image and data was collected on Tuesday, and the next two days, NASA engineers spent on the verification of the remaining components of WFC3. As predicted by astronomers, the first scientific images of “Hubble” will receive at the end of this week.

Now the Agency studied the incorrect telemetry data and information obtained during the reset of the system. They hope this will help them to understand what gave rise to the failure and whether there is something similar in the future.

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