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NASA showed the “celestial snow angel”

NASA показало «небесного снежного ангела»The object rotates around a ring of dust.

The bipolar star-forming region in the form of mysterious creatures have fascinated users of the Network.

The American Agency NASA showed subscribers in Instagram “celestial snow angel”, spread white wings. It really is not a fantastic character, and a space object. Wings “heavenly angel” is not made of cold snow, and consist of hot gas reflecting the blue light.

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NASA employees write that “celestial snow angel” is at a distance of 2,000 light-years from Earth. It is located in an isolated part of the milky way is a nebula with a huge young bright star.

To capture the object failed due to the Hubble Space Observatory. In the photo you can see the combination of different colors. So look gas and dust, if you look at them from a distance. First telescope recorded this object in 2011. NASA employees were congratulated by members with unusual Christmas photo. Users have delighted with the publication of the American Agency.

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