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New music about Kostya the sailor

Новая песенка про Костю-моряка

In the seaport space of lifestyle does not prevent even in the rain. Of class, the rain for lots of persons provides boredom and melancholy. But I would not have time to be unhappy, since the rain can be extended.

So, I was reminded of the well known music of Vladimir Agatov about Kostya the sailor who barges complete of mullet cited. But, it turns out that about Kostya the Odessa composing tunes when he was quite youthful:

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Notebook complete of responsibilities
House from university he was sporting.
And grandma and grandpa rose,
When he is in the kitchen area arrived.

Lilac sea alongside the Boulevard,
That yr it blooms.
Our pupil picks up the guitar
And childish voice sings:

“I will not notify you that the rain is tiny, –
All the dresses are quite damp…
But in this vest, even in university
I truly like the sailor”.

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Neighbor Sonia in the hallway,
Moored to the boy at the time,
Informed the male: “All you know
Nicely, keep at minimum after”.

In reaction, pulling biscuit pack
Replied the pupil with a chill:
“You are appealing to me, like a motor vehicle,
Since I kiss with the gentle.”

Creator: Sergey Paliy.

(Just kidding. Parody)

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