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New techno-Remute album will be released in the form of a cartridge for Sega Genesis

Remute Sega

In our days craving for vintage hardware and retro-technologies acquires sometimes bizarre nature. One vinyl, it’s not all – recently, the Serbian DJ Remute recorded their new album “Technoptimistic” in the genre of techno, by choosing as the carrier of the cartridge for the game console Sega Mega Drive. And this is not his first experience in this field.

In the 2017th he has already managed to record on an old floppy half music album. To cram so much data on the modest carrier, had to recode all the tracks in the format .mod. Each song is shrunk to the size of a text document from MS Word that allowed you to record on a diskette 4-6 songs. As he says Remute, this was an important experience, training for the future.

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Альбом Remute

Selection of Sega as a new platform greatly expands the possibilities for experimentation. The sound chip in the console is a 6 channel FM synthesizer, with which are interval timers and a sinusoidal low frequency oscillator, making it possible to create distortion, which fans called “the staircase”. At the time it was modified to support digital synths and playback of homemade video.

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The new album officially comes out March 22, 2019-th. It will cost from 33 Euro to the money included unlimited subscription on Bandcamp and download the album in several convenient formats. But more interesting, he says Remute, to dust off old consoles and listen to music on real vintage hardware.Source — Bandcamp

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