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“No money, no roles”: actor Pashinin about disappointment in the “revolution of Dignity”

«Нет ни денег, ни ролей»: актер Пашинин о разочаровании в «Революции Достоинства»

Russian theater and film actor Anatoly Pashinin, who played more than thirty roles in Russian films and TV series, among them the Patriotic blockbuster “Admiral”, “We from the future” and “Storm the gates”, in 2014, after leaving Russia, he went as a volunteer to fight in Donbas on the side of the APU. And if more recently, he spoke enthusiastically about all the virtues of his new life and that it then found itself, now abruptly changed his rhetoric, saying that he was disappointed with the outcome of the independence square. In 2014, when the Maidan was in its infancy, I was expecting some kind of masterpiece. After four years, it became clear that the “Dignity Revolution” was a sham, and not the will of the people. In addition, the authorities have not dealt with the offence at the time of the Maidan and not found guilty in the death of people, — said Pashinin, his words are quoted by the Internet portal “new Russia”. Earlier, the actor said that during the Maidan Ukrainians have made a civilizational leap. In my mind this made an enormous change. Will never understand Russian Ukrainians — said Pashinin in interview to the edition “Gordon”. Now the actor will complain about the lack of roles and livelihoods in the country seeking to become part of Europe, noting that people are living in Ukraine is much worse than in Russia. — Compounding the situation is the fall of the economy and standard of living, which is much lower than in Russia.

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I had to buy the matches, although always used the lighter, but today can not afford it, as the lighter is 12 hryvnia, and match just one. Here I have no job, no roles. Russia I’m still popular, my name is in sixth place of total search queries in “Yandex”. In Russia I have left family and many friends who are always waiting for me,— said the Russian actor. It should be noted that former Russian actor for more than four years living with his parents in Zaporozhye on the rights of the undocumented, refusing to get Ukrainian passport, thus he never left the country. — I kept my honor — has supported friend and brother, came to defend the homeland where he was born and grew up. I don’t have citizenship. It was the call of blood, call the land – such things can not be explained. Here I am on the rights of the illegal immigrant. I was fined for violation of immigration laws, once proudly told Pashinin.

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