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“Novaya Gazeta” showed a luxurious manor the son of the head of Regardie

«Новая газета» показала шикарное поместье сына главы Росгвардии

“Novaya Gazeta” has published a video that shows Rublevsky estate owned by the Roman Zolotov — the son of the head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov. As notes the edition, the novel Zolotov has acquired almost acres of land in the “village of billionaires” Barvikha in November 2003. Then Zolotov Jr. was only 23 years old. Even then, the cost of weave in these places have reached 100 thousand dollars. In 2006, the station was finished construction of the house is 700 square meters.

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The site dug ponds, planted with neat trees and bushes, and between the green lawns, paved paths. According to estimates edition, real estate can cost about 700 million roubles.

Adjacent to the estate is located several plots with a total area of 1.2 ha. also On site is the mansion. This property belongs to son-in-law Viktor Zolotov, Yuri Chechikhin.

“Novaya Gazeta” in its submission proposes to elect the estate of Roman Zolotov venue for the “duel” Viktor Zolotov with opposition activist Alexei Navalny. Yesterday gold has recorded a video message in which he suggested Navalny to meet in a duel in the ring or tatami. Thus the head of Regardie responded to the recent investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption, which focuses on corruption in public procurement of food for the needs of the Department.

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