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Nutritionists told me how I “throw” 5 kg per week

Диетологи подсказали, как "скинуть" 5 кг за неделюOatmeal diet will help to lose weight.

Keep your body in shape is never superfluous, and if it’s spring or, horror of horrors, at the beach, on the way to harmony should not be any obstacles.

Any expert will tell you that diet without a regular physical load will not bring the desired results, and most importantly there’s an integrated approach and not a temporary effect.

Oatmeal diet have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, subject to the right menu and avoidance of disruption. The nutrients contained in oatmeal, perfectly envelop the wall of the gastrointestinal tract, helping in the recovery of his work. Oats are considered an excellent source of many vitamins (b, A, C, E), trace elements (potassium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, magnesium) and fiber.

Apply the diet recommends that only after consulting a doctor to determine what diet will be suitable to you personally.

In addition, the caloric content of oatmeal not more than 362 calories for every 100 grams of product, so it is a great helper in losing weight.

This oatmeal diet is designed for a period of one week, and it will help to remove about 5 pounds of the hated weight. This diet oat flakes also provides the following products: yogurt (low-fat), nuts, dried fruits, fresh and dried berries, herbs, vegetables and honey.

A very important condition weight loss during this diet oatmeal is a great consumption of pure, non-carbonated, of course, water – at least 1.5 litres per day, with an average of 2 liters and more. Allowed and green tea, but in moderation, without fanaticism and without sugar. In matters of diet and nutrition are extremely important regularity, perseverance and willpower. This is the case, where appropriate a saying “more haste less speed”. We need a long-term (ideally permanent) result after weight loss and not just during the diet and couple of days after it.

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The liquid during this diet it is very important to drink either before meals or not earlier than 30-40 minutes after eating. But in any case not to drink the oatmeal with water right after eating it! The whole week on the oatmeal diet will not be very simple, but very effective, at least the power significantly and will be reduced for a short period of time.

The preparation of oat products to the diet

A day will need about 500-600 grams of oatmeal, divided into 3 doses. Therefore, a week will need to stock up on about 4 kg of oats, in order not to interrupt the diet if oatmeal suddenly the house ended.

Cook the oatmeal for this diet should not as usual. To diet to be effective, first cereals (daily dose) the day before, thoroughly rinse, and then pour cold water, divided into several daily servings (the average is three portions a day) and send overnight in the fridge (and to do so during the week on each day). During the preparation of cereal in no case do not add condiments, spices, salt and oil!

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You will also need to oatmeal diet such supplemental products: zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, yogurt, sunflower oil, berries (fresh or frozen), fruit (pears or apples), dried fruit, citrus, honey, vegetable oil (preferably olive), nuts, natural, low-calorie yogurt without filler, asparagus, beans.

In turn, many nutritionists say that a gluten-free diet helps to lose weight. In addition, there are people who can not consume the foods that have gluten because of newsvideos of this substance by the body.

Gluten or gluten is a high molecular weight protein contained in some cereals. Allergic to gluten is most often diagnosed in children aged 6-12 months and adults between 30 and 40 years.

Gluten is contained in large amounts in most cereals, in particular, is contained in all wheat, rye and barley. So the bread, pastries, cereal, and beer contain a lot of gluten, which causes allergies. And then there are the products in which gluten is introduced artificially to increase their elasticity.

Recall that a mono-diet tolerated quite easily. At the end, it is important to adhere to proper nutrition, and not to apply systematically a diet, it is likely that the former weight will recover quickly.

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