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On reception in the Kremlin in honor of the Day police spent more than 10 million

На фуршет в Кремле в честь Дня полиции потратили более 10 миллионов

MIA spent more than 10 million roubles for a celebratory reception in the Kremlin devoted to the Day of police. On average each invited person was spent on 8.8 thousand rubles. This is with reference to the documents from the procurement website writes Daily Storm.

Solemn reception on 1050 people was held November 10. For 50 guests we developed a separate menu. Cold cuts they were given 30 g served with oscietra caviar and Vologda oil cost 1070 rubles each, 115-gram salad with Sakhalin scallops and roasted prawns with cherry tomatoes, which cost 740 rubles. Also in this list are, julienne of white mushrooms (340 rubles), roulade of salmon and halibut with green asparagus and sauce Provencale (1360 rubles per serving).

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For dessert, the dignitaries ate tiramisu and cloudberry white chocolate for 350 rubles per 25-gram serving. Of alcohol was vodka “Czar’s Original” for 2300 rubles, wine “Abrau Cabernet” at 1,200 rubles and cognac “lezginka” — 3200 roubles.

Guests of lower rank enjoyed the tarts not with black and red caviar and butter canapés with eel and sweet peppers, slices of jellied crab with caviar, salmon and chili sauce for 550 rubles per 40 grams.

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Some police waiters brought salads “compass oyster mushrooms sauc and spicy croutons” (840 rubles) and salmon with mini mozzarella, avocado and cherry tomatoes (520 rubles).

Cooking dishes and desserts for the Banquet were engaged in more than 70 chefs and confectioners of the plant power “Kremlin” administrative Department of the President. Guests buffet served 105 waiters and bartenders.

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