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On the Belarusian river caught a rare natural phenomenon

На белорусской реке засняли редчайшее природное явление Rotating ice circle was able to record on video.

Such ice circles rare natural phenomenon. They appear in the rivers with slow flow and represent a perfectly smooth, slowly rotating circles of ice.

These circles are formed due to the vortex flow generated in the river. Caught in such a a piece of of the ice cover begins to rotate.

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During rotation the edges of this piece worn about the surrounding ice, and may soon get a smooth circle, sometimes a very considerable size, from several meters to several kilometers.

And the biggest ice circle discovered in 1999 at lake Baikal – its diameter was 4 miles.

Most often the ice circles can be observed in Scandinavia and North America, but also met them in the UK, Germany and Russia. As it turned out, now this natural phenomenon can be seen in Belarus.

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