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Palestinian militants fired at Israel over 200 rockets

Victim of rocket attacks by the Palestinians was an Israeli in the Gaza strip has also increased the number of dead – now four of them.

As a result of rocket fire from the Gaza strip on Saturday, may 5, in the Israeli city of Ashkelon killed one of its residents. On the evening of Saturday told the police of Israel.

The death of 58-year-old man was caused received during his wounds at the hospital where he was taken after the attack. He became the first Israeli who died as a result of a new series of mutual rocket attacks between Israel and Gaza. Also the police talking about one seriously wounded woman in the town of Kiryat gat 20 kilometers from the border with the Gaza strip.

According to the Israeli military, across the country were fired more than 250 rockets, some of them were intercepted by air defense of Israel. It in tel Aviv also said rocket attacks and tank attacks on the approximately 120 military purposes in Gaza.

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The Ministry of health of the Gaza strip, meanwhile, called the new data on those killed in Israeli strikes on the Palestinian side. So, the Minister noted that, in addition to the two men, victims of attacks by the Israeli military began a 14-month-old baby and his pregnant mother. Also the Ministry claimed that the attacks by Israel were injured 40 people.

In a press-service of the Israeli army deny the death of the mother and child through their own bumps and as one of the possible reasons for the “fire from the Palestinians”.

Responsibility at least for the part of rocket attacks on Israel claimed by the group Islamic Jihad, an ally of the ruling in Gaza, the extremist Hamas movement.

In the United States supported the actions of the Israeli side.

“We stand on the side of Israel and support its right to self-defense against nasty attacks,” – said on Saturday the press Secretary of the U.S. Department of State Morgan Ortagus.

At the same time in Turkey condemned the attacks of the Israelis, noting that in one of the buildings, which suffered as a result of them, was situated the office of Turkish state news Agency Anadolu. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, known for his support of the Palestinian side expressed its condemnation on Twitter, and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey described the attacks against civilians a “crime against humanity”.

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The European Union urged the Palestinians of Gaza to stop the shelling of Israeli territory to avoid further casualties.

“Urgent need to stop the rocket attacks from Gaza. – Ed.) Of Gaza into Israel. Need immediate de-escalation of this dangerous situation in order to guarantee the protection of civil citizens,” reads the statement of the foreign service of the EU. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians have the right to live in peace, security and dignity,” reads the document.

At this point, the evening of may 5, reported about more than 600 rockets fired at Israel.

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