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People focused on the task to “experience the power”

Народ сосредоточился на задаче «пережить эту власть»

They say that hope dies last. It seems that in 2018 it happened.

Waiting for people?

The resignation of the government or, at least, that the Cabinet of Ministers headed by a man of real business. Managing a successful farm/the farm/plant/area. Respected by the majority of the workforce. Held in its industry as a professional. Engineer, agriculturist, industrialist, master. With crisp and clear biography with a coherent plan of action.


However, the presidential election is in 2018 with the participation of leading dirty show (a value judgment) were a huge disappointment for a large part not only of people but of the ruling class. At least for those managers in touch with real life people and forced to engage with people in dialogues.

The subsequent formation of the Cabinet of Ministers was in the spirit, held the election campaign. In fact, if the people are satisfied with a very questionable lineup of contenders for the presidency, then certainly before the government he did not matter — so, apparently, reasoned the Kremlin. To change anything, decorate the “stability” talks about the breakthrough.

And the people waited for the turn to the native of Russia!.. We are great, and the war in Syria and the Ukraine conflict, and in the “twenties” of the world’s problems can be solved. And while our health is deteriorating, in thousands of rural schools no warm toilets, so that there is, in the Tver village the old woman the past 18 years (!) lived without electricity, while local MP together with volunteers dragged on the road generator, purchased with funds benefactors. And it is — Rzhev area, where tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers died for the future of the people and the sovereignty of the state!

How can this be in the “energy superpower”, the “Russian world”, in the social state?!.

Farmers and rural residents did not wait for the adoption of the national project “Development of rural areas”. There is no money? Or no desire?!. If our “dopasowanie patriots” spent at least half their life efforts, Russia, in towns and villages, the region and Republic, which they nourished and fed, things would be different. The standard of living can be, and has not reached the comfort of the “second homeland”, but at least did not lead to high mortality of men in the country. About 44 percent of them do not live to retirement age.


Propaganda. It is no longer working, but TV-“jukebox” routine, budgets allocated, formats thumb. And people are tired of talking pseudo-scientists and from the dirty Laundry household show. Where is the attention to production and science? If the company knows all the details of the divorce Dzhigarkhanyan and Petrosian, but has no idea who we got the best operator, engineer, designer, some new complex products needed by the country and the world, we produce and which are no longer produced — such a society is doomed to degradation, and its steering is “recycling”.

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Harvard economist Ricardo Hausmann developed the ratio of economic difficulty. The more unique industrial products sends country exports, the higher its potential for development.

The index of economic complexity peak of the Russian achievements in the post falls in 2003, — 29-th place. Since then, the wavy curve of the fall. In 2015, Russia — 49-position. Judging by this indicator, our technological backwardness increased over the 12 years is 69%. On average, we degraded at 5,75% per year.

In “fat” years, the decline was not so noticeable — oil revenues was decorated with the ruins of the factories. Now, in the time of sanctions and weaning technologies, the tragic gap is obvious. We need “breakthrough”. But in complex industries no rush jobs, no capital, no result. To any money need a head and preferably a conscience. We need pictures, technological culture, discipline, responsibility. Need clear goals, openness and overall operation. The economic complexity of the country — an indicator of the knowledge economy.

It’s a shame that index Hausmann significantly above the us, Belarus and Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Sister Ukraine neighbor Russia, although in 1998 the country was on the 28th place. So the fate we are very similar.

To increase human capital, not fight with the state Department. And meeting (or unmet) by trump — it tenth. But how could the “public sector” to transform actually in the castle, people are completely dependent on the sympathy and the will of the employer?!. All known versaplate rectors and close to him “top”. 144 th article of the Labor code says: “the government of the Russian Federation may establish the base salaries (base official salaries)…” This means that it may not install!.. The universities, schools, hospitals, libraries given on “feeding” their leaders. The less workers get, the more money will move in incentive (bonus) the Fund from which the Director, by the rector, the doctor can pay almost arbitrary.

This is personal commitment “effective managers” and “correct” voting in the elections.

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Well conceived, you will agree!..

The entire country was rocked by the death of a 14-year-old Schoolgirls from the city center, Smolensk, Safonovo. Before the suicide, the girl wrote to the head of state, where he complained of unfair distribution of wages in a local hospital — where her mother worked. The girl was hoping that the President will help, but the letter sent to those to whom she complained.

This terrible incident we discussed with the high ranking official. “Look what an ugly system of government you have built! Children raised with the current regime, do not accept it: some are thrown from the Windows, others come with bombs in reception to the security forces, and others sing “Death is no more”, the fourth head of the fifth to kill their own kind”… But behind the high fences of the ruble conscience is clear: “these are isolated facts! The population are satisfied. Almost every machine, sausage hundred varieties of entertainment for every taste, and who wants to improve life — go to Church and pray for the salvation of the souls of enemies.”

Hope dies last?!. In our case, hope is not dead, and jumped out the window, harried the force majeure.

What is said of the ruling class on the expectations of the people? Parasitism on patriotism and passports, NATO, friendly rudeness regional officials, the assurances that we have “an unprecedented increase in wages” (though in dollar terms from 2013 to 2018, the average salary fell more than a quarter — from 678 to 915 green).

The people, seeing this situation, completely calm, focusing on the gambling task, “experience the power”. This is our new national idea: to see what the outcome roguish “games with balls”.

Because waiting for: reduce consumption of alcohol, interest in organic food, growth of claims to the officials, further declining interest in demagoguery, a request for a quality education and author of the book, strengthening family values, rallies activity. But in General — to enhance the resilience of the people.

The archaic nature of our public administration already for anybody not a secret. Attempts to “illuminations” and circuses to cover the nakedness of “optimizations” don’t work. People still believe in Russia. The mouth of the poet he says: “And those that we about loyalty broadcast, / Although her secretly betray, / Gray-haired widows in the churches do not forgive / And great grandchildren of their descent will not give.”

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