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Presented in Russia smartphone Nokia 1 Plus

The Chinese holding company HMD Global announced in Russia a cheap smartphone Nokia 1 Plus with IOS 9 Android Pie without additional interfaces and shells. Just note smartphone to buy is not recommended, as its value is much too high in our market. Nokia 1 Plus costs 7500 rubles, but …

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In Russia came wireless headphones Huawei FreeBuds Lite

In Russia, the release of wireless headphones Huawei FreeBuds Lite with built-in protection from moisture and dust. The model refers to the budget by modern standards segment and is available in black or white body colors to choose from. The sales will start on 2 April 2019, that is already …

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The Russians put on sport 1 trillion rubles

Russia may soon become the most gambling country in the world. According to the statistics, the results of the recently concluded 2018 residents of the Russian Federation has put on the sport just a tremendous amount. The expenses of Russians on this article rose by as much as 70 percent …

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How much is a Samsung Galaxy S10 in Russia?

Declassified the cost of smartphones series Samsung Galaxy S10 in Russia. As expected, all very sad on the background of the rapidly impoverished population of the country cell phones are already ridiculously expensive. Even the most cheap and boring Samsung Galaxy S10e in the base with a measly 4 GB …

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How to recover a damaged USB stick or SD card

To accept the fact that the drive has failed, it is very difficult, if not impossible, and we spent hours trying to bring them back to life, albeit unsuccessfully. Even specialized forums does not always help due to the complexity of the presented information. In this article we the most …

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6200L Aurora is a premium smartphone from BQ

Domestic company BQ, which manufactures the smartphones, tablets and accessories, has developed a new smartphone called the Aurora. The model number BQ already have device with such name, and to confuse them is not: the smartphone, which will be discussed, can be distinguished by the index BQ-6200L and is more …

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In Russia, the demand for wearable devices

According to the statistics Coherent, in Russia wild rapidly growing demand for wearable gadgets – smart watches, bracelets and trackers. According to the results of 2018 the demand rose by as much as 200 percent. For all of 2018 in the country sold 2.5 million wearable devices, which in money …

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Fly Life Play smartphone ad

In Russia are presented budget smartphone Fly Life Play, which can be called a smartphone ad. Directly on the lock screen it will spam politics (news) and advertising, and this function it not disabled. In exchange for continued bombing spam price of a new Fly Life Play reduced to 4000 …

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