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Poland utilizes U.S. lobbyists to influence policy and improve the image

Poland has made considerable efforts to persuade influential Americans in favor of the Polish government, according to the study NGOs in the USA, which monitors money in politics – the Center for responsible politics Open Secrets.

After 2015, when the authorities in Poland have come the right party “law and justice” (PiS), the international authority of the Polish government deteriorated. In the EU, the Polish government criticized for weakening media freedom and the independence of the judiciary. Poland also has strained relations with Israel after 2018, Poland passed a law which prohibits to say that Poland or poles collaborated with the Nazis.

To improve the image of Poland in the USA, the Polish national Foundation in 2017, hired White House Writers Group (WHWG) is a company founded by writers from the administrations of presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, to promote Polish culture and history in the U.S., the researchers write.

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Lobbying in USA is legal, provided the relevant registration, and the study did not reveal violations of these rules.

With the aim of providing information about Polish history, WHWG opened a Twitter account PL_Perspectives, which has over 3,000 subscribers and is trying to provide good information about the state of the Polish justice and to respond to the comments of critics, in particular, in relation to the historic role of Poland in the Holocaust.

The company also held meetings with officials and businessmen in the United States, held conferences and advertised on Fox News and CNN devoted to the centenary of the independence of Poland. WHWG working on the construction of the monument in Washington dedicated to the victory of Poland over the Soviet Union in the Warsaw battle of 1920.

Director of WHWG Clark judge notes that the company’s activities have attracted attention in the United States, where there is a large number of people willing to help in its activities. Contract WHWG gets 45 thousand dollars a month, says Open Secrets, referring to the registration documents.

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Separately, the Polish government hired a lobbying company in the US, Park Strategies, which is lobbying for the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in the defense sector with the aim of strengthening the Eastern borders of NATO, analysts say.

Government defense company also hired a lobbying group BGR to work with Congress. BGR receives 70 thousand dollars for their services monthly. And the chamber of Commerce in Poland works with a number of consulting companies in the U.S. to promote trade and investment in the country.

Open Secrets calls for American influential people to pay attention to cooperation with the Polish government is too right-wing accusations of anti-Semitism and the growth of authoritarianism in the country.

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