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Lukashenko: Belarus ready for constructive dialogue with NATO

Belarus will not retreat from implementing a peaceful foreign policy. And as a sovereign state is always open for cooperation, including with NATO. Alyaksandr Lukashenka said on February 22 during a meeting with cadets, students and faculty of the Military Academy, the press service of the head of state. Photo …

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From Russia leaves the future?

Waves of emigration not only not subside, but also promise to increase: young, entering into the life of the citizens don’t want to spend it in Russia. Recent surveys reveal the growth of the immigrant moods among young people: the share of those wishing to leave Russia among people under …

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The Americans will not leave, instead they attack Assad

Obviously, the United States was still a lot of unfinished business in Syria. In this regard, another statement of Donald trump about the immediate withdrawal of its army from Arab Republic was perceived with skepticism. Moreover, earlier the President of the United States had allowed himself to make such statements, …

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The absorption of Belarus: we need it?

Recently began actively to spread rumors that in the next two or three years Russia and Belarus, and so consisting in the Union state, will merge in a new constitutional community. The option of the Belarusian region will be the new subjects of the Russian Federation. And what then will …

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Herringbone, burn!

As the New year meet, so it and spend. Judging by the calendar of the defense Ministry and the gifts from the President, we will hold the 2019 war. By tradition on New year gifts. Parents — children, bosses — subordinates, the President — people. These gifts not only easy …

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What is the strength of Putin

By the beginning of 2019, the position of the head of Russia appear to be clearly weaker than a year earlier. The question trembled the Foundation of his power. Let’s start with the indisputable. The popularity of the leader in the past year went down faster than ever in less …

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