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Portuguese pastry chef created the most expensive chocolates in the world

Португальский кондитер создал самые дорогие конфеты в мире These Goodies are brought in the Guinness Book of records.

Hurry, because these chocolates are created only 1000 pieces, and it is unlikely you will have time to buy something like that. But if you are expensive, and you won’t regret, especially because even at all the very rich people such awesome Goodies is not enough.

And created this unrivalled delicacy the famous chocolatier from Portugal Daniel. He had long wanted to create something unique and unique, that is, a confection that would have conquered the whole world. And it as experts speak, finally got it.

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Daniel created the candy with a unique taste, though it costs almost 10 thousand dollars. But it is quite understandable, since the chocolatiers used in its manufacture edible gold, saffron threads, Madagascar vanilla, white truffle and some other ingredients which are themselves very expensive.

But the high price does not go to any comparison with the fantastic taste of this amazing candy, but because true connoisseurs immediately snapped up the confectionary treat. Try it is still possible, however, only significantly overpaying for this pleasure, because in our commercial world is not only true connoisseurs of taste, but also talented businessmen, who, as they say, a hundred miles can smell, what product can to earn extra money, resold it at a higher price.

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By the way, candy Daniel has entered into the Guinness Book of records as the most expensive delicacy in the world. Sorry, this Talmud is unique it is impossible to bring in more, and as the delicious candy, because it is just impossible to objectively assess…

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