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Prices for suburban cottages fell by almost half

Цены на Подмосковные дачи упали почти в половину

Sale of country houses in the Suburban villages are extremely slow. Not help even impressive discounts.


In pursuit of the real estate market in the Russian capital, where the cost of housing fell to a four-year low and falling demand to record levels over the last ten years, the crisis has worsened in the segment of suburban real estate. At the end of the current year the cost of country houses in the suburbs fell by forty percent, which is on the basis of the analysis reported in the Agency “Inkom – real Estate”.

According to real estate agencies, country rustic facilities in the Moscow region the owners are trying to sell, on average, for five million rubles.

The value of land fell by thirteen percent to two million rubles. Twelve percent fell in price townhouses with duplexes averaging up to sixteen million rubles.

According to the head of the analytical center “Inkom – real Estate” Dmitry Taganova, the demand in the market shrinks to almost zero. Owners of houses and lands are forced to change price tags downward just from despair, as the original price of sales simply do not go. Expensive items often altogether removed from sale, because the owners cannot find a buyer for an expensive summer cottages.

Almost a third have increased the time during which the owners of suburban real estate can sell your objects.

So, on average, owners can wait for their customers on the property about eight months. According to the Director of the Department of suburban real estate “Inkom” Andrei Croitor, a drop in demand occurs because of the banal lack of potential buyers money and experiences of these same buyers to make irrational spending.

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According to experts, some time ago was dominated by the view that the secondary housing can support rural segment, during the stagnation of the primary segment. But in the current reality it turned out that this approach in practice has not found its confirmation.

In its review, the experts of the Agency “Inkom – real Estate” note that even though almost fifty percent discount, the levels of sales of country houses, cottages and plots of land are still inadequate. Experts explain that buyers can be, and agreed to give their money, but only for the quality of an object where there is an opportunity to move and live without investing additional funds and its own forces.

However, the problem lies in the fact that almost eight out of ten suburban sites in the secondary market either already obsolete, or for some reason does not meet the requirements of potential buyers. Therefore, most such objects have low chances of a quick sale. Experts stress that before the end of this year, the recovery in demand will not happen. On the contrary, projected an even bigger collapse in prices – by 10-15 percent.

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Attracts potential buyers of country real estate and the fact that owners of land legislators will soon want to release from the obligation to register saunas, gazebos, sheds, summer kitchens, and also from paying for these buildings taxes. It is assumed that citizens under the law will have the right not to put their structure on the account in cadastral map, and if you want to exclude from the cadastral registration of previously erected buildings.

In particular, according to the newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, which is familiar with this legislative initiative, these buildings will be owned by vacationers without the need of registration on the grounds that they are located on land that is already privately owned. This opportunity can provide the bills with a number of amendments to the provisions of the Civil code and other acts, which the Ministry of economic development has introduced to the government.

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