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Pure meat in Russia

Чистого мяса в России практически нет

Malicious antibiotics (as, indeed, and other “chemistry”) can be detected in any food — but most often in dairy and meat. Unscrupulous manufacturers who are looking for quick money, do not even think that antibiotics can be deadly to the consumer.

Chakhokhbili with penicillin

Independent Agency “Roskontrol” published the results of consumer tests of chicken that are sold in stores under well-known brands. Investigated five samples and all five of the experts during the laboratory tests detected antibiotics and other antimicrobials.

To determine what exactly antibiotics stuffed chicken, it’s almost impossible. But it is known that for the treatment of animals use the same common drugs as for human treatment: penicillin, tetracycline, bacitracin, chloramphenicol, and many others.

Why do antibiotics for “feed” of farm animals? They are given during cultivation to prevent infectious diseases. However, in the finished product on the counter they, of course, should not be. If they are, then the initial dose of antibiotics was too high.

Antimicrobial drugs are rapidly removed from the body of farm animals. If treatment is to complete at least a few days before the bird will be sent to slaughter, traces of the drugs will not be discovered. Unfortunately, being afraid to lose benefits, some manufacturers are moving too fast…

The importance of this problem is recognized even at the state level. In may 2017, the Rosselkhoznadzor imposed temporary restrictions on import in our country of dairy products of seven of the largest dairy and cheese-making plants in Belarus: Kobrin, Pruzhany, Slutsk, Novogrudok, Molodechno…

The results of the studies of Belarusian products found traces of antibiotics: quinolones (ofloxacin, norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin), lincosamides (lincomycin) and macrolides (tilcotil, tylosin).

Spectrum of used antibiotics is constantly expanding, so reveal them all, even the CPS has no capability. Very rarely are engaged in a large shopping or restaurant chain.

Monopoly save on meat and milk

Antibiotics and other antimicrobials experts “Roskontrol” and other organizations, state, “Roskoshestvo”, previously found in various meat products that they taken for studies from semi — finished products (sausages, minced meat, cutlets, kebabs) to raw meat (chicken, chicken legs, chicken hearts and whole carcasses of broilers).

Antibiotics was identified experts “Roskontrol” during the inspection of dairy products: sour cream, yogurt, dairy desserts. This suggests that milk were taken from sick animals. After the cow has recovered, the owner of the flock must ensure that the antibiotic no longer enters the body of the animal in milk (all this time the cow must be kept separate from the main herd).

But for this you need to wait, right? So, a few weeks, the cow does not give milk, and hence not profitable. Of course, for the owner it is not profitable, therefore, recovered the animal as quickly as possible return “in the system”. Although his body has accumulated a lot of antibiotics, which then get into milk (or meat). Of course, such milk should not come to a milk — but manufacturers skimp on the fulfilment of veterinary restrictions.

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Due to the use of antibiotics producing “milk” and sometimes even themselves, suffer losses. For example, in cheese production these drugs kill not only harmful bacteria, but also useful is contained in leaven, without which the milk will never be cheese.

Instead of “counting” diet — anemia

Than harmful antibiotics in food? Proceeding in our body, they cause severe allergic reactions, oppress their own human microflora. And most importantly — increase the resistance of pathogenic bacteria to antibiotics that the physician prescribes. That is when a person is sick, the treatment may be inefficient.

And such old and cheap antimicrobial drugs like chloramphenicol or nitrofurans are considered as not medicine, but poison — they have a huge amount of side effects (especially when applied inward), from anemia to cancer.

Judging by the results of the tests that frequently “Roskontrol” and “Rascacielo”, in food products on the domestic shelves you can find not only antibiotics, but a lot of other “chemicals” — from growth hormones to phosphates (they are needed to retain moisture and artificially increase the weight of the meat).

The situation can be improved only by constant and systematic control. But why today, a consumer arriving at the store, can’t be sure that the product contains no hazardous or do not comply with the standard components?

This question “Free press” have discussed with our regular expert on food security, first Deputy Director of the Center for applied medicine Biomed Moscow state University Professor Vladimir Edeleman:

— Frankly, I believe 100% contamination of poultry meat with antibiotics and antimicrobials by the producers crime against their own people. Before we are even in our center saw up to 30% of the samples with antibiotics and antimicrobials and was told there was in the country a bad manufacturer, but remained good.

Now with bitterness I can tell, all manufacturers in Russia are bad. All manufacturers use dirty technologies that are harmful to human health, shortens life and causes malaysiakini disease. And it is a criminal punishable in any civilized country.

“SP”: — But do other countries not using antibiotics in agriculture?

— Up to 80% of all antibiotics sold in the world intended for animals. But today we are faced with a number of challenges that led to the ban on antibiotics in food.

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The first veterinary antibiotics have never been tested on humans and the consequences of their entering the human body are unknown to us.

Second — fried, boiled, braised, stewed veterinary antibiotics have also not been studied on humans and the consequences of their use after heat treatment we also unclear. That is, we do not know what is in the kebab contaminated by veterinary antibiotics.

The third veterinary antibiotics to form antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria animals, threatening human infection.

Fourth — veterinary antibiotics in food do certain forms incurable deadly infectious human disease, since they make the bacteria resistant to human antibiotics.

Fifth — veterinary antibiotics destroy the microflora of our intestines and disrupt the production and absorption of certain vitamins, cause intestinal disorders and probably damage the human liver.

Sixth — veterinary antibiotics allergizirutm the body, especially in children.

Seventh — veterinary antibiotics destroy the human immune system.

“SP”: — In General, a whole bunch of malicious effects! According to your observations, any food that is sold in retail stores, antibiotics?

— Before we found antibiotics in a large number of samples of pork, but considered the bird a more “clean”. But now we are forced to admit that Russian bird has become the “standard” substandard food contaminated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, to determine the taste, color, odor, the presence and the amount of antibiotics in meat is impossible.

“SP”: — But is it possible to somehow reduce the negative effect?

Going to your choice of meat gently and carefully, cook it properly and store. Remember that you can limit meat consumption, replacing it with legumes and protein foods.

Completely neutralize the antibiotics accumulated in meat birds impossible. But to decrease the malicious effect in part. Remember simple rules.

First steep the meat for several hours (the effect of purification will increase when added to water, salt, vinegar, lemon juice).

Second — remember that boiling is the safest method of cooking. During thermal processing of the product into the broth out and destroyed part of the harmful toxins. The longer you simmer, the better the result. Ideally, if the first broth you drained. Sorry if drained, carefully strain the broth, removing all the flakes.

The following security method is baking at high temperature.

Third tip — remove the skin before cooking and rump subcutaneous fat is the storage place of antibiotics in poultry.

Fourth — use for cutting meat, separate meat knives and meat Board, which immediately obezzhirivayut and wash.

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