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Putin threatens US with new weapons

Pavel Lokshin wrote that “Putin threatens US with new weapons”. The Russian President in his annual speech spoke not only about domestic policy and about relations with the United States.

He didn’t even try to hide his irritation, due to the termination of the Treaty banning intermediate and short range. What, to the surprise of Moscow, Washington has come out very strongly, previously accusing Russia of violating the agreements. Putin also stressed that the policy of the United States against his country is not friendly. And somehow Washington persists in ignoring the interests of his country. He doesn’t like a unipolar world, which the United States, in his opinion, want to establish in the world.

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The Russian head doesn’t want to stand aside from global processes. He also wants to belong to an elitist club. The strategists in Moscow were convinced that he had found the behavior of trump and his psycho. But they were wrong. And so they are very anxious, because he knows how to surprise. Unpleasant surprise. And that in Russia very nervous. However, Russian officials can’t come up with anything better to defend themselves with presentations of new deadly weapons”.

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The first was a hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile “Zircon”, then it was the turn of the “Poseidon” underwater nuclear drone and Intercontinental cruise missile with a nuclear power plant “Burevestnik”. But then Putin is, in its own way stressed that he wants to establish with US exclusively friendly relations. Then it is not clear what was to demonstrate samples of the latest weapons demonstration video about the attack on the United States.

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