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Reverent remembrance about our children’s domestic games.

Трепетное воспоминание о наших детских дворовых играх.

At that time there were no televisions, computers, and other wonders of modern civilization. But there was a lot of mobile games, ranging from the simplest of prevalac – shooters, to complex, sometimes lasting several days which involved dozens of boys. Of course, the most common mass mobile games was Soccer, Hide and seek, cops and robbers, Twelve sticks, Rounders, Pie rounders, shtander, Finch, various Knives and the Rope yurta. In each of these games participated from five to several dozen people. The games were noisy, extremely aggressive and ruthless, often conflict with the local population, but always carried out strictly on hard, although did not write the rules.

The favorite game was, of course, football. For her I had the balls, not the usual 32 cents, and the accomplishment of the time, more rubber for 68 cents, was even leather youth football (the price was not mentioned, as it was considered crazy). Most parents, in order to save, do not allow children to play football in shoes. Therefore, all played barefoot on the asphalt yard area. Feet are constantly erased to the blood, knees – solid sore. This restricted our sporting achievements. But once we have adapted to after the games, the bull dog turns to lick their wounds and all our enthusiasm has increased significantly.

Here we stop at a Yurt. On the ground, usually with lots of pebbles, outlines a circle with a diameter of half a meter, called a House. Players take turns trying to stick to his Yurt – a sharpened piece of iron, made from a knife, a large nail file or even dagger. Gradually revealed the only loser called savagery Shoe, which Yurt is most often not stuck in the ground, and fell to one side, in which punishment had to adventure. This makes winning the first three big step from Home and this place tries to stick the tent. If turned away for a further three steps and so on until stuck Yurt will not fall to the side. Further, in the same way, all other won consecutive three steps removed from the House and, in the end, when the last of them fail, put on the earth cross. From this cross have severnomu jumping on one leg to Home by hoots who won.

Overall, a pretty cool game, coaching the Asian ruthlessness to enemies of the people.

And suddenly the fashion for Tent disappeared suddenly because of two new factors of progress. First, the increased area covered with asphalt, therefore, in the second place, the boys invented a new design of the Yurt from a small triangular file with fine cylindrical tip with a diameter of about 2 mm, practically excluding the failure of sticking to homogeneous, typically the softened asphalt. New sidewalks we are, of course, quickly disfigured. But the reason for the refusal of the Yurt was not in our introduction to civilization, and the degeneration of the game in the final chord which I was destined to tragically solo. In the last game with a large number of senior boys me zavadil three kilometers from the House. This distance I was not to jump. I started to cry. And here a miracle happened: the boys, feeling a clear overlap, after some discussion, decided to forgive me for newtodo absolutely no punishment or any vested compensation. But among them were those who, to put it mildly, disliked. Before such lofty ethics of the old conditions of the game were never observed. But most of this game is not played.

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Original also was the game in Chizik. It’s such a square piece of oak or beech wood with sharpened edges of the cone with an overall length of about 10 cm At the sides is carved the fateful numbers 1,P,W and X, which in the Arabic interpretation means, respectively, 1, 2, 3 and 0. In the heart of the game is knocking Siskin rounders from Home, after which the enemy is trying to manually put it back. Did not get punished further by strikes in the quantity indicated on the top face. Knocking Siskin is conducted in two stages: first a short vertical stroke at its conical portion to bounce and then sweeping with all the force of the horizontal blow. The game is quite complex, has several phases, and it is not bad of a Golf or Cricket, and can be quite sedate, so I wonder why its not mastered zakonodaje in the sport by the British. Maybe not invented collapsible Siskin? But today you can make it from a material softer wood.

But, unfortunately, this game disappeared fairly quickly in the process of self-development. The fault turned out to be an evolution of rounders: it began to produce ever more effective and, in particular, is so wide that manually throws the enemy was uncompetitive. To limit the width of rounders legally kid failed. As a result the game died.

Desperate individualists mastered the Hoop from the barrel and excitedly drove it all day with a homemade hook from a thick steel rod, reaching in this case perfection .

Over the rope usually jumped without much excitement, and often with the girls. Two massive rope twist-the rope, the others in turns or jointly runs, Bouncing, trying to get closer to its center. While you jump, have the right to give a command to change the speed of rotation: swamp, water, fire, fire. If the rotation is interrupted because of you – substitute-twisting the rope. But somehow, the rope gradually began to increase in length, so the jump was not interested. Fashion rope ended.

One of the many games in the Strap. In the beginning it was done in the form of a small elastic ball-ball made of rubber or resin, and then began to attach to this ball of fur or wool (like the present shuttlecocks, badminton), and finally completed the evolution of the design of lead cartechini with a piece of long-haired fur sheep. The game itself is simple: who is the greatest number of times will throw the strap foot, avoiding falling to the ground. Improved, it is easy to kick without a break,

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especially if you provide the shoes from the ankles with special leather lining. But still there were fans who did it for hours. Selected to play in the strap sewed a special boarding pants with patches of leather to guarantee the absence of folds in the appropriate places. Sometimes the misuse of this sport has led to a noticeable curvature of the bones of the feet. In the end, kicking straps are sometimes a thousand and more times was a sign of degeneracy. And here is the same: the evolution of the design of the straps led to a complete loss of interest in it.

Any type of gambling we are not Mature enough. Instead, we were in the course of the picture (candy wrappers – candy wrappers) and writing pens. “By” most often played in pairs in the school in the “Odd-even“, where to win you had to guess the parity or odd parity of the number of wrappers in my fist opponent, or folded vdevyatero wrappers ” to wrap” at the table. More sport group of the game “Chops” and “ = > ” played only on street, large enough to land sites, each with their favorite stone or metal with bidou. Equality rules for players was very relative. For example, the advantage was with the players with the greatest distance between the ends of the thumb and middle finger. And this is not without its evolution, but absolutely for other reasons. During the game the wrappers quickly dilapidated, wearing to holes. In addition, many enterprising owners began to break in half, making two from one, and transparent wrappers “nipples” quickly, under the influence of sweaty hands lost their color, than the unscrupulous owners also enjoyed putting on the line instead of wrappers a variety of fakes.

But the society no less vigorously studied to deal with dishonesty. For example, once declared a new rule where the status symbols are not recognized for the butter dishes, the same when the picture will lose more than 10% of the area

Played “under the feathers” games “jik-bull” mostly at school on tables and window sills. Then in order to win, had his pen twice to turn the pen is the opponent: in one motion in the position of jik, and further, in case of success, another motion back to the bull. But here the people were quirky feathers have become a large variety of ways to deform so that their coup was difficult. But over time, the feathers on, the game was taken without significant deformation. Had all won the Treasury not losing podloman feathers to repair the house, giving it an original form.


So I think: instead of whether all this evolution of children’s games excellent models for the development of social public relations? Whether you ignore them?


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