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Russia loses billions of dollars due to contaminated oil

Nearly 5 million tons of Russian oil that was supposed to arrive in Europe, located in the Druzhba pipeline since April 20.

Oil can not be supplied to customers because of the high level of pollution organochlorides-a substance used to stimulate oil production from fields with insufficient capacity.

Every day Russia loses half a billion dollars of revenue because of this oil, says American analyst Ariel. Cohen in an article for Forbes. Russia at the beginning of glossed over the problem and the first statement “Transneft” – the Russian company – the owner of the pipeline with oiled – issued only on 11-th day of the crisis.

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The causes of the crisis were not disclosed, but, on 7 may, several suspects were arrested in Russia.

World oil prices rose, says Forbes, because of the oil crisis in Russia joined the instability in Venezuela, which is a significant exporter of oil and lack of oil from Libya and Iran.

The oil crisis in Russia reduces its credibility as supplier and attracts international attention to corruption in the oil industry, says the analyst.

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