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Scientists first to grow blood vessels

Ученым впервые удалось вырастить кровеносные сосуды человекаScientists have grown blood vessels from human stem cells in a Petri dish.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia have grown blood vessels in a Petri dish, said the results of the research.

They also found out they can be grown inside creatures of other species.

The head of the research team Joseph Penninger explained that the circulatory system is linked with every organ in the body. Therefore, the cultivation vessels can open the opportunity for the treatment of many cardiovascular diseases.

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After scientists have grown blood vessels in a Petri dish, they transplanted them into live mice. Soon the cells into the existing blood vessels. This means that they can be grown in other types.

The scientists also placed the vessels in the environment that mimic diabetes. They began to behave the same way as people with diabetes.

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Scientists plan to test blood vessels grown on human tissue.

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