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Experts: “Light-weight” dim make a difference does not exist”

Dim make a difference — the invisible compound, the existence of which can be judged only by its gravitational outcomes.

The journal Actual physical Overview Letters released a analyze demonstrating that dim make a difference can’t consist of extremely-gentle particles.

It is considered that dim make a difference is composed of large non-interacting with each individual other particles “vinow” (Weakly Interacting Huge Particles). Since wimpy” ended up never ever found, experts have proposed that dim make a difference could have diverse actual physical attributes. Thoughts ended up divided, some considered that dim make a difference is a
some kind of liquid. Other folks felt that it was large and, on the opposite, strongly interacting particles “simpy”. 3rd principle turned exceptionally gentle particles “axions”, which hundreds of 1000’s of moments lighter than electrons.

Manuel Mayer from the College of Stockholm (Sweden) with colleagues have uncovered empirical proof that in actuality 1 of the theories does not correspond to truth, and the axions do not exist. To these kinds of summary experts arrived for the duration of a 6-12 months observations of fluctuations in the spectrum of galaxies. If axions existed, they would interact with the photons when they move by means of a sturdy magnetic industry, which can’t be disregarded in the vicinity of the black holes and magnetars. Signature of the conversation would be traces in the galactic spectrum, characterised by a major lower in the depth of gamma radiation. In addition, with the existence of axions, the universe would not be as clear as the consequence of the conversation of axions with particles of gentle would be shaped of a pair of gamma photons, masking the gamma-rays from stellar associations.

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Collaboration “Fermi” tried out to discover prints of this “gamma-echo” dim make a difference, by observing the galaxies in the cluster of Perseus. The scientists uncovered that in the analyze region there are no hints about the existence of everything, so have an impact on the habits of photons. Primarily based on this, conclusions ended up drawn about what is seriously axions do not exist or their bodyweight substantially a lot more than predicted. Also think about the situation that dim make a difference is composed not only of axions. At the second, the scientific neighborhood has no device to affirm or refute this concept.

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