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Researchers explained about the difficulty of synchronicity Universe

Researchers consider that humanity life in a unique Universe for a time.

Researchers from the Harvard-Smithsonian heart for astrophysics (United states) invited colleagues to spend notice to they launched the difficulty of synchronicity Universe. Devoted to the research Preprint out there on the web page arXiv.org.

Astrophysicists have puzzled about the good reasons why bezrazlichny the age of the Universe (the solution of the Hubble consistent to the age of the Universe) is at this time close to equivalent to a single.

In accordance to the at this time approved conventional cosmological product it is equivalent to ,96 +/- ,01 that is reliable with the information of procedure telescopes Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Study Telescope and Fast Reaction Process) one, +/- ,one. Assessments consider into account the observation of variety Ia supernovas, the spectrum of the CMB and baryon acoustic oscillations.

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Researchers can not make clear the explanation why now bezrazlichny the age of the Universe equivalent to a single. They consider that humanity life in a unique Universe of time, and arise due to the fact of this difficulty synchronicity has nothing at all to do with the difficulty of cosmic coincidence.

The latter is induced by the impossibility of any clarification which 9 billion many years just after the Huge Bang, the gradual enlargement of the Universe was accelerated. Usually this adjustment of parameters is viewed as a affirmation of the anthropic theory.

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The Hubble parameter relates the pace of economic downturn of a galaxy with the length from it. In the cosmological product of Friedman reciprocal of this consistent, describes the age of the Universe. In the meantime, in the framework of the conventional cosmological product are taken into account dim electrical power and make a difference, and this method qualified prospects only to qualitative analysis.

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