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September 18 will be a network action # AskCurator

September 18 will be the International network action # AskSurator (#AskACurator). On this day, Internet users will be able to ask any questions to employees of museums, galleries, cultural centers and other institutions from various countries.

Promotion # Ask the Curator.

To take part in the action, you need to publish a post with a question on the social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags # AskiKuratora and #AskACurator, as well as be sure to note the account of the institution from which you want to receive an answer. You can ask a variety of questions: about the history of famous exhibits, about the specifics of museum work, about modern technologies that are used in the exposition, and much more.

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The Kultura.RF portal regularly answers readers not only within the framework of the # DemandCurator action, but also under the heading “Cultural Question”. On the project page, everyone can ask questions about the culture and history of Russia in a special form, and detailed answers are prepared each week by portal experts.

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